Sara – weight-loss goal achieved; struggle to maintain!

Hello, everybody,

I’m going to post tonight, even though tomorrow AM is weigh-in time, just because I have the time now and am too tired to do anything else!  It has been an intense two weeks…especially last week, when I actually ran intervals outside and enjoyed it!  Also contradanced in my great new shoes and was so pleased that my feet didn’t hurt AT ALL afterward.  And I got back to the jog trampoline and found that I could do it for longer periods (10-12 minutes).  Last year I usually had to rest after 5 minutes.

But now work is upon me with a vengeance and I am fighting for time to exercise and fighting the urge to snack, which always comes upon me when I am overworked and a bit stressed.  I did indulge the munchies over the weekend but am now back on track and determined not to gain back the weight I have lost.  Not to worry, I still have treats, just not in huge portions.

You will note that I did some gardening…mainly weed pulling, in preparation to digging peat into the garden and planting some new acquisitions.  More about that when I do it…but I will share a photo of my blooming petunia which cheers me on to get the rest of the garden in shape!

petunia in noontime shade

August 18-25
Wed. 6134 steps (3556 aerobic – 1.44 mi. outside, 25 cardio min.)
Thurs. 10819 steps (7716 aerobic – 3.04 mi. outside, 58 cardio min.)
Fri. 13064 steps (2747 aerobic – 1 mi. Leslie w. 2 lb. weights),  1.5 hrs. contradancing!
Sat. 17128 steps (10254 aerobic – 3 mi. Leslie, 2.22 mi. outside w. intervals)  woo hoo!
Sun. 11191 steps (6310 aerobic – 3 mi. Leslie, 42 cardio min.); pushups ag. wall, thighmaster, shoulder presses
Mon. 7347 steps (5101 aerobic – 2 mi. Leslie, 10 min. jog trampoline – 41 min. total); some floor exercises & some lifting 5 lb. weights
Tues. 6501 steps (5263 aerobic – 2 mi. Leslie, 12 min. jog trampoline – 41 min. total)
Wed. weigh-in Aug. 26 – 139.5 lbs.

August 26-31
Wed. 7011 steps (3171 aerobic, 1.44 mi. outside); 4×20 cardioglide; close-arm wall pushups 4×8
Thurs. 9241 steps (4938 aerobic, 2 mi. LS, 1.2 mi. outside, 41 cardio min.)
Fri. 10855 steps (6256 aerobic, 3.04 mi. outside, 51 cardio min.)
Sat. 7704 steps (5 hours gardening, 180 cardio min.)
Sun.9538 steps (3788 aerobic, 1.6 mi. outside, 28 cardio min.)
Mon. 10275 steps (7003 aerobic, 2.88 mi. outside, 53 cardio min.)
Tues. 10402 steps (6632 aerobic, 2.84 mi. outside, 52 cardio min.)
Wed. Sept. 1 weigh-in – I am hoping not to be heavier!  I’ll leave a comment and let you know.

We had lovely autumn temperatures last week, but this week it is back in the upper 80s – low 90s, groan!  However, there are numerous signs of autumn and here is one…

berries on a neighbor's tree

Soon it will really be autumn, but nights are already arriving earlier, by 8:15 or so.   So I’m trying to walk outside now while I can!  OK, off to read your blogs and comment.  I  know that Lynn and Claude have continued to have rough times with knee issues, etc.   Such a shame.  I’m sure that eventually things will smooth out for you two.   Hugs from me!



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4 responses to “Sara – weight-loss goal achieved; struggle to maintain!

  1. lilalia

    Sara, such a positive post with all sorts of good news. Glad to hear about the new shoes are doing well. Nothing better than happy feet. Also love to see that you were out dancing. Hopefully, your busy work schedule will not exclude such activities.

  2. lynnbechtel

    Sara–It’s wonderful that exercise has become something fun rather than a “have to”. I’m sure that the variety in what you do helps keep it interesting. And congrats on the weight loss. You’re right–it’s a challenge to maintain that once life gets busy. I always find winter to be the most challenging time for weight maintenance because I start craving fatty snacks.

  3. A great record for those two weeks, Sara. So happy for you that you have managed to lose those extra pounds. Would love to be able to do the same…
    Keep up the great exercise and don’t get overstressed.

  4. Sara

    OK, the scale this AM said 141.5. So two of those pounds have piled back on. But I am not giving up. Will figure out a way to avoid the stressed-out/feed-face connection. Grrrrrrr!
    And yes, it was SO lovely to dance! There is a fall frolic coming up, an all-day dance on Sat. the 25th. I’m going to try to get stuff done so I can go and dance away the pounds… 🙂

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