Sara – Back to work, and it’s ok…

Hi, folks, I now have a system for recording to go along with my sparkpeople recording so should be easier.

Back to work big time.  Hymns for Year A need to be chosen – I’ve done 4 months, 6 months to go.  If I do this now I can make decisions about choir anthems for the year too which makes life much easier later on.  It is probably my last Year A since hopefully 3 years from now I will be retired!  🙂

Lost one more pound this week, despite being a slug on the weekend – probably  mostly thanks to 5 miles of intense Leslie yesterday.  It’s always hard for me not to pig out right after I have lost some weight – I didn’t but it was a bit of a struggle!

One thing about the Leslie DVDs, I can see how the lateral motion could stress out a knee, if you weren’t used to it and got a bit too enthusiastic.  I love the results of it though – my butt has never looked better!  🙂

August 11-17
Wed. 10864 steps (6739 aerobic, 2 mi. LS, 1.02 outside miles, 46 cardio mins.)
Thurs. 7845 steps (3951 aerobic, 2 mi. LS, 29 cardio min.)
Fri. 12112 steps (4489 aerobic, 3 mi. LS, 38 cardio min.)
Sat. 2388 steps (no aerobic – no excuse)
Sun. 1226 steps (forgot pedometer – but no aerobic really)
Mon. 8076 steps (5241 aerobic, 3 LS intense miles, 38 cardio min.) 1 of these miles used hand weights but you could add them anywhere in her workouts.
Tues. 13292 steps (8619 aerobic, 5 LS “advanced” miles, 66 cardio min.)  3 of these miles used strength training aids.
Wed. weigh-in Aug. 18 – 141 lbs.

I can feel the stress hovering in the wings but it’s not here yet.  Once I start scheduling people, it will get crazier.  Forewarned is forearmed…

I do think the Leslie has more effect than just plain walking.  Although I plan a long walk today if weather cooperates!  I miss being outside…

Best wishes, everybody, especially to Lynn and her knee.  I will post again on strength training when I have something to say…



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5 responses to “Sara – Back to work, and it’s ok…

  1. Definitely a good week in spite of horrid flu!
    Now if you’ve found something on SparkPeople that makes it easy to post here, how about sharing it? 😉

  2. Sara

    Not really flu, just a very weird cold…
    There’s nothing on the site – I just have my own system – a wordpad file which I keep open so I will remember to note down things at the end of the day. Just took me a while to realize I have to keep it shrunken on the bottom bar as a memory jogger…
    I did mean to put in link I found to free downloads of yoga videos – will this be OK since I copied it to wordpad? Don’t want to put in messy Microsoft word stuff…

  3. Sara

    Haven’t tried these videos but they are free so what the hey…

  4. lynnbechtel

    Sara–Congratulations on the great LS workouts and the continued weight loss!

    And thanks for your good wishes re: my knee. I see the ortho person tomorrow–maybe I’ll at least get some kind of effective medication.

  5. lilalia

    Good going! You are a stalwart soldier when it comes to the LS workouts. I think I might go back and reconsider joining.

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