Nancy – A slow week

Not as active this last week. Tuesday my mother-in-law had surgery for cataracts so we spent the day with her.  Her right eye went as well as the  left eye; she should be seeing without glasses — except for reading. Wednesday was Sam and my 20th anniversary and we hung out together before going to a very nice dinner. Thursday and Friday I had a mild flu but did a bit of walking on Thursday. I didn’t get as much gardening done this week because of a birthday picnic on Sunday but I have more photos.  It feels great to have finished all the weeding before September. It will be possible to get the lilacs and rhododendrons trimmed this year. The forsythia also needs to be cut back severely; this plant would take over the world if given a chance. I’m considering removing the four plants we have but they have such beautiful yellow flowers very early in spring that it is hard to remove them.  Also the neighbor’s evergreen hedge was damaged last October by an early, very wet snow storm. The dead branches need to be cut back.  Anyway, I wasn’t very regular but today was a good day.

Thursday: walking, 4.39 km (2.73 miles) – 1 hour,  8,330 steps

Saturday, gardening, 4 hours

Monday: cycling, 9.2 km (5.7 miles) – 32 minutes; walking,  3.51 km (2.2 m) – 51 minutes; Stairs, 5 flights —- 10,789 steps!

I’ve posted some more pictures of my gardens. It has been a bit dry and some of the plants, e.g., bleeding hearts, Jacob’s ladder and some of the ferns are done for the year so they are looking a bit brown.

Who ever it was that suggested the walkmeter on the iPhone, you had a wonderful suggestion.  I love it. It is satisfying the gadget person in me; it makes graphs of the elevation changes along with a street map of your path, etc.!

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5 responses to “Nancy – A slow week

  1. lilalia

    Sorry to hear about the flu. Hope your mother-in-law’s surgery is successful. Thanks for the slideshow.

  2. Sara

    You got a LOT done, Nancy, in spite of flu, etc. 3 really active days! My whole struggle with this in the beginning was regularity – I would be one day on, one day off when it came to exercise. Just working in some SMALL amounts on that other difficult day was my key…gradually it got easier.
    Love the comment about forsythia – from one who spent months digging roots out. 😉

  3. It seems it’s been a difficult week healthwise, you and Sara with flu, Lynn with her knee, me with bladder infection and knee pain, on antibiotics. Good that you managed three days of strong exercise.
    Like Sara, I would say that I find it difficult to be regular, and yes, smaller amounts sometimes make it easier.
    Thanks for the lovely slideshow

  4. lynnbechtel

    Nancy–Life does sometimes get in the way of exercise, doesn’t it? But you packed a lot in on the days you did exercise.

  5. Glad you like Walkmeter, I too am a gadget person LOL
    Do come back and post! I have vowed to post every Monday. Which day will be good for you?

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