Sara – groan, work beginning in earnest…

I’d better post now, while I have a moment – work should have cranked up already but I’ve been procrastinating!

Bad news is, I was sick for several days – nothing serious but this virus did hit me rather hard.  I’ve been back to normal for a couple of days now.  Good news is, I lost weight!  142 lbs. at yesterday’s weigh-in.  Go figure – it’s true I didn’t want to eat much while sick, but I also didn’t exercise at all as you can see.  However, I think the regular Leslie mile in AM must have had some cumulative impact.

So here’s the scoop!

August 3-10
Wed. 9543 steps (5868 aerobic, 3 LS miles, 42 cardio minutes)
Thurs. 10145 steps (7535 aerobic, 3 LS miles, 1.01 outside mile, 52 cardio min.)
Fri. 7194 steps (3581 aerobic, 1.44 outside miles, 27 cardio min.) – getting sick
Sat. 902 steps – really sick
Sun. 2081 steps – still sick
Mon. 3397 steps – a bit better but no energy
Tues. 8988 steps (5359 aerobic, 1.44 outside mi., 1 LS mile, 44 cardio min.)
Wed. weigh-in August 11 – 142 lbs. woo hoo!

I’m keeping track of the small amount of strength training I do on sparkpeople – there isn’t really enough to report now – so unless I get into a regular routine I won’t record it here.  Maybe that will happen as the new work year progresses – maybe not – I’m fairly happy with the balanced workout I get from the Leslie Sansone DVDs & will just hope to keep that up.  I discovered yesterday that my neighbor tries to do 3 fast miles every evening (she’s 10 years younger than me & she really moves!) so I may try to join her for some of that.

Have a great week, everyone, and welcome, Nancy!



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3 responses to “Sara – groan, work beginning in earnest…

  1. lilalia

    Sorry to hear about the flu. The other days were very good though, weren’t they? Very good mix of steps and cardio.

  2. lynnbechtel

    Nice mix, as usual Sara. I’d be interested in hearing about what you’re doing for strength training.

    Too bad that you need to start working more–it does get in the way of exercise and other fun things!

  3. Too bad you got sick, but then it’s good that you’re better.
    The LS workout is really good. I like the idea that you know exactly how long it’ll take.
    Let’s wish you bon courage for going back to work

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