Claude – resuming exercise week

Well, it’s been somewhat difficult, this week, with ups and downs especially in motivation.
I have been exploring the incredibly richness of SparkPeople in terms of suggestions for exercise and will try to adapt some of them to my way of life. Thank you Sara, for mentioning it to me.

I have also noticed that exercisewise, what doesn’t get done in the morning, just doesn’t get done, period! I’m mostly referring to cardio exercise, in that respect, because steps can be done any time.

Also, I already sort of knew it but what I used to refer to as my morning stretching, is not stretching at all, but rather a way of oiling my joints, so to speak, and maybe working on a bit of flexibility. I can’t live without it, I have timed it and it takes 15mn, done while still in bed. I am not sure what to call it though

Monday: 15mn flexibility exercise, 10500 steps
Tuesday: after a night on the ferry, no time for flexibility exercise, 10100 steps
Wednesday: 15mn flexibility exercise, arms reinforcement: 5×60, 20mn cardio out of 33mn walking/5.5km/h, 11244 steps
Thursday: 15mn flexibility exercise, 10 squats, thighmaster: 10 reps, 45mn cardio walk, 13143 steps
Friday: 15mn flexibility exercise, 10 squats, 30mn cardio part of LS 3miles,it usually takes me longer to get up to the correct heartrate, but this time, I was totally out of shape and my heartrate was too high, so was not really pleased with only getting 30mn cardio, out of 45mn workout! 10242 steps

Walking in summer time is such a pleasure! Here at Bodnant Garden

Saturday: 15mn flexibility exercise, 42mn cardio on elliptical, abs: 2×60 reps, 11,700 steps
Sunday: 15mn flexibility exercise, arms reinforcement: 300 reps, 1kg, 5000 steps. I just managed to run some errands, got back home, intending to get out and get a cardio walk, sat on my couch and … stayed there. Oh well, I do feel better this morning 😉



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6 responses to “Claude – resuming exercise week

  1. Sara

    Stretching/flexibility/whatever, it’s pretty important, so just keep doing it! I used to do a “joint-oiling” routine with my voice students.
    You’ve gotten right back into your routine, amazing! I’m sure your usual stamina will return pretty quickly.
    Idyllic photo…

    • Those gardens were idyllic indeed! Especially since it was a sunny day and there were interesting clouds in the sky. As giving names to whatever exercise one does, I think it’s sort of important. That is, it’s better, not to believe you’re stretching when you’re not, and having others think that you are stretching LOL Your comment about voice oiling suddenly reminded me of something! Are you oiling your French?

  2. lilalia

    Claude, as one of the most disciplined ElderExercisers, you have to be more gentle on yourself. If I could even come close to your steps and stretches and all the rest, I’d be shouting from the rooftops. I know you want to be doing more, but nevertheless, you always do well.

  3. Sara

    Absolutely true, Lia! Claude is amazing.
    And YES, I am oiling my French with some videos from Yabla… 🙂

  4. lynnbechtel

    Claude–this looks good for a first week back from vacation. I like that concept of oiling the joints–it does feel increasingly important to do that as we move through the years.

    What a beautiful place to walk!

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