Lynn–And the hipbone is connected to…

Aargh! Along with the back/hip pain I referred to in recent posts, I’ve had some knee pain–all connected I’m sure. Anyhow, the knee pain got much worse last Monday. I went to see a doctor and physical therapist and the early, provisional assessment is a combination of hamstring tendon stress and possibly a torn meniscus (if you’re not familiar with this, it’s a small piece of cartilage on either side of the knee that tears easily). When I read up on these two things I saw lots about sports injuries and then some mention of how the tendons and the meniscus get more fragile and easily injured with age. I wish I could blame extreme sports activity for these injuries but I fear it’s simply a side effect of aging.

So, this has been a week of limping around, icing my knee, and resting it. No exercise except for some physical therapist prescribed stretches and gentle quad strengthening. The knee is slowly improving but I’m feeling fairly frustrated and trying to be philosophical about it all. I have another medical appt and physical therapy appt on Monday and am hoping to figure out a way to be more active, maybe swimming or an exercise bike while things heal.



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4 responses to “Lynn–And the hipbone is connected to…

  1. Oh Lynn ,sorry to hear this. 😦 you have to follow doctor’s orders and try to be patient. Look who’s talking? LOL
    Have you asked the doctor about swimming? Keep us posted and don’t overdo anything

  2. lilalia

    Dear Lynn, it sounds all so very painful and frustrating… do keep dear care of yourself and make sure you learn to take baby steps towards recovery. I send you all my thoughts for a full recovery.

  3. Nancy

    Lynn, it’s so frustrating to be injured! Doing everything the physical therapist recommends will speed your recovery. Good luck.

  4. Sara

    Oh, that sounds really nasty. Do take care – I hope the physical therapy brings some relief and some ideas for movement…

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