Claude – back from the UK

I’m late in posting this week. I got back on Tuesday and have been doing laundry, running all sorts of errands, filling my fridge and other such things. AND getting back into cardio exercise and good habits!

Two weeks’ holiday, from July 19th 2010 to August 1st 2010
I did write down my steps for the two weeks I was away, but won’t bore you with it. Suffice it to say that I walked a total of 154,351 steps, which represents an average of 11,000 steps a day.
I also managed my 10mn stretching routine every morning, without which I sort of feel sore when I get up.

Cheshire landscape

I found it somewhat difficult to stick to my “at least 10,000 steps a day” as we spent quite a bit of time driving, visiting places and taking photos, which means that if I hadn’t gone for a walk on the country roads at the end of each day, I wouldn’t have walked more than some 6,000 steps a day. AND would have put on weight, for sure.
My conclusion is that it is much easier to put in a lot of steps when I’m in Paris than when I am a tourist in country areas.

I had taken my heart-rate monitor along, but never got around to any cardio exercise. I tried to think of squats for a couple of days but soon gave up.
Travelling is, in some ways like working LOL. You have a schedule and I wouldn’t have wanted to keep my friend Catherine waiting.
Now that I am back in Paris, I have no more excuses and am back into a cardio routine

I will resume posting on Mondays, which is more convenient for me. Have a nice weekend!



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2 responses to “Claude – back from the UK

  1. lynnbechtel

    Sounds like you had a good trip, Claude.

    I think in general it is easier to get regular walking exercise in the city than in rural (or suburban areas). When I’ve lived in cities I walked all the time just to live my life–now in my little suburban neighborhood I have to make a point of walking for exercise. And in rural areas it’s often hard to find safe roads for walking.

    11,000 steps a day while on vacation is quite a good record, all told.

  2. That’s exactly what it is. I find that when on holiday in Normandy, if I want to walk, unless I drive somewhere new, I end up walking along the same paths, and get bored! Shopping places are too far away to walk to or at least to come back from with a load of stuff, so the city is much easier for walkers, which might account for the success of walking at home programmes like Leslie Sansone’s.

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