Sara – AWOL but not idle

I’m back – finally – knew it was a long time but – three weeks?  Well, my excuses are:  digging;  recording so much stuff on sparkpeople that I was dreading the task of transferring things here;  my birthday/eating;  entertaining a house guest;  being ashamed that I gained back the weight I lost.  So there!

However, digging is now done – I will post a photo of the new grass when it emerges – right now the seeds are covered with straw.  I’m not sure I lost much weight due to the digging since I ate enough extra to balance it out!

July 14-20
Wed. 11604 steps (2.92 mi. 58 fitness minutes)
Thurs. 9423 steps (1.02 mi. 27′)
Fri. 14513 steps (3.75 mi. 81′)
Sat. 6122 steps (1.5 mi. 30′)
Sun. 12852 steps (3.59 mi. 67′)
Mon. 9078 steps (2.34 mi. 48′)
Tues. 7215 steps (0 mi. 5′)
Wed. weigh-in July 21 – 145 lbs. Oh well…

July 20 was my birthday & I went to hear a swing band at a local restaurant/nightspot.

I'm not so good at low light photos indoors...sorry...but you get the idea!

July 21-27
Wed. 9264 steps (42 cardio minutes, 3 mi. LS)
Thurs. 9116 steps (47 cardio, 1 mi. LS – began LS mile in the AM, did for 1 week)
Resumed digging/gardening
Fri. 5290 steps (64 cardio, 1 mi. LS) – much of cardio was digging
Sat. 6450 steps (49 cardio, 1 mi. LS) – digging
Sun. 6202 steps (14 cardio, 1 mi.  LS)
Mon. 10556 steps (39 cardio, 2.44 mi. – incl. 1 mi. LS)
Tues. 11235 steps (59 cardio, 2.19 mi. – incl. 1 mi. LS – digging again)
wed. weigh-in July 28 – 147 lbs. Argh.

July 28-August 3
Wed. 13424 steps (4209 aerobic – 102 min. including 1 hr. digging – 1.93 mi. includes final LS AM mile)
Thurs. 11894 steps (0 aerobic – up & down stairs cleaning house, getting ready for house guest)
Fri. 12150 steps (4965 aerobic, 2.21 mi.)
Sat. 10581 steps (3527 aerobic, 1.44 mi.)
Sun. 11222 steps (7161 aerobic, 2.99 mi.)
Mon. 11772 steps (8250 aerobic, 3.54 mi.)
Tues. 4827 steps (0 aerobic)
Wed. weigh-in August 4 – 146 lbs.

My experiment with a mile of Leslie every AM went pretty well – but now you see I have backslid!  Really  not a morning person.  However I’m going to start doing it again because it will definitely help me get in my Leslie before the day gets away from me.   Maybe I’ll work up to more than 1 mile but for now, that will be enough…

Still loving sparkpeople – more on that overall experience next time I post.  I discovered their reports which make it somewhat easier to transfer stuff here.  I have done some cardioglide & thighmaster but it was just too much to try to put all that in this time…

sunset with my "new" camera!



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5 responses to “Sara – AWOL but not idle

  1. Lovely sunset, Sara! As for exercise, it’s quite stunning. That digging must have been quite something. Congratulations on the Leslie experiment too.

  2. lynnbechtel

    Not idle indeed Sara. Very impressive record and as always such good variety. I’ll be interested in hearing more about the various ways you use SparkPeople–I’ve enjoyed mapping my walks 🙂

    And belated happy birthday. BTW, your birthday is the day before mine (7/21).

  3. Sara

    Thanks, Lynn! We crabs have to stick together…
    Well, now I have crashed to earth with a virus, soooo next post will be a different story…

  4. Nancy

    Your photos inspired me to take photos of my gardens. The cloud shot is wonderful. You may have been AWOL but you certainly weren’t idle. Sam & I will be at Mickey’s tomorrow. Will you be coming by?

  5. Sara

    Nancy, impossible to tell when tomorrow is but I think you mean Tuesday when she has her next cataract op – if you’re there late afternoon I will come over! Your gardens are lovely!

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