Lia – Away down south

Hello to all from down south (Germany). My son and daughter and I are doing the rounds of visiting friends in Erlangen and going off to visit the university city my son will be attending this fall. The weather is cooler down here, something that almost never occurs.

Tuesday: travelling and a long walk on arrival (11,342 steps)

Wednesday: 20 min.  walking, 25 min. bicycling

Thursday: 25 min. walking

Friday: 40 minutes walking

Saturaday: 25 min. walking, 25 min. bicycling

Sunday: 15 walking, 25 min. bicycling

I bought a pedometer, but find that it doesn’t really do well on my baggy linen pants, which I am wearing these days because it is still so warm.



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3 responses to “Lia – Away down south

  1. Sara

    How nice that the weather is cooler!
    One advantage of the Omron is that it can go in a pocket or even around your neck on a lanyard. It also has a pretty sturdy clip. I had trouble with previous pedometers that didn’t attach very securely…

  2. I agree with Sara. I borrowed a friend’s Omron for a couple of days and put one in my rucksack and the other one on my hip, and they had almost no difference. A couple of hundred steps. I don’t always have a pocket, but my rucksack goes out with me every time I go out 😉

  3. lynnbechtel

    Sounds like you’re getting a nice break Lia. Glad the weather has cooled down and you’re able to continue getting daily walks.

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