Hi all. I know Claude and Lia are away (maybe you’re back Claude?). Sara and Nancy, are you also away? Or just wilting in the heat?

My week started out energetically but the back/hip pain I’ve been dealing with continues to be an issue. I’ve got a doctor’s appt for a week from Monday and until then will exercise as I’m able to. I mentioned in my last post that I was considering a short term membership at a local gym so I could swim laps but I don’t know whether that would help or hurt whatever is going on. So, here’s the week:

Sunday 7/25–2 short walks for a total of 30 minutes

Monday 7/26–2 walks–1 for 15 minutes; 1 for 25 minutes–hot so I moved slowly on a somewhat hilly route for the longer walk

Tuesday 7/27–40 minute walk–v. hot so was walking at a 2o min/mile pace, which is a bit slower than usual for me.

Wednesday 7/28–nothing–heat and meeting after work

Thursday 7/29–nothing–set out on a walk after work but was feeling enough back/hip pain that I cut the walk short and came home to stretch.

Friday 7/30–nursing my back/hip–some stretching–nothing else

Saturday 7/31–busy day–lots of errands, housework, cooking for company, etc. –no “exercise”

Sunday 8/1–once again nursing the sore back/hip–some stretching, nothing else–feeling restless however, so we’ll see if I continue being prudent 🙂



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3 responses to “Lynn–Travelling?

  1. lilalia

    It would probably be better to consult with the doctor about joining the gym before actually doing it. I’m all for knowing your own body, but choices about what to do with your body should be guided by professional advice. For all the heat and discomfort of your hip, you had a good week.

  2. Sara

    Oh dear, I’m so sorry about your hip! That really does cramp one’s style. I hope the doctor can help. I feel very fortunate not to have these issues – I think because I did a bunch of yoga in my 30s & then a year of consistent Alexander technique which totally changed my body use & helped me sense my back/shoulder tension before it became an issue. Essential for a singer but it has certainly been beneficial in all ways.
    I’m hoping your pain is due to something transient and not chronic…sending good thoughts & prayers…

  3. So sorry to hear about your back and hip pain. Hope the doctor helps you with that quickly. And I’m with Lilalia, do ask the doctor before joining the gym!
    Keep us posted!

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