Lynn–pretty good week

I managed to get some amount of exercise 5 out of 7 days–not bad, although I’d like to increase the time each day to 45 minutes rather than my standard 30 and see if that would help me drop 10 extra pounds. All the walking was outside. I’ve used the “map my walk” feature on SparkPeople to map out my various routes and get a sense of my typical walking speed.

Sunday–2 hours in the garden, including some heavy lifting and some time spreading mulch–felt like a good workout although not especially aerobic–10 min stretching afterwards

Monday–nothing–prepping for a workshop I was leading on Tuesday–worked late

Tuesday–30 minutes walk at @3.5 mph–hot and humid evening

Wednesday–30 minutes walk at about 3.5 mph

Thursday–hot, heavy air–yoga routine for about 15 minutes plus 20 minute walk at fairly slow pace–really dragging in the sultry weather

Friday–nothing–planned an evening walk but thunderstorms moved in and I stayed home on the couch with a DVD 😉

Saturday–got out early for a walk–35 minutes at @ 3.5 mph (slowed down a bit at the end b/c it was already v. hot at 8:30 a.m.)–plan to do some yoga a bit later, after breakfast digests.


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  1. 5 out of 7, that’s good. It seems you are definitely back on tracks. Keep on going!

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