Nancy – Greetings from a second resident of State College Pennsylvania

It is great to have finally joined ElderExercise!  I’ve been lurking since the beginning of the year and meeting Claude in June was the last step needed to motivate me.

Now that I’ve joined you it will be necessary to be more consistent — both in being active and in writing down my activities.  Sometimes it is more difficult to write down what I’ve done than to do it.  By the end of my day, especially if I leave the office before writing things down, doing one more thing on the computer is just too much. The lure of knitting, quilting, cats and books is too strong.

I was thinking at my goals this morning and they are a bit grand. When I was young I was that active and it would be great to achieve that again. It will be interesting to see how realistic (unrealistic) I am.

I’m posting an article from because it was interesting and it may also be additional motivation for us.
Study: Body shape affects memory in older women
By the CNN Wire Staff// ;July 15, 2010 7:16 a.m. EDT

(CNN) — A woman’s body shape may play a role in how good her memory is, according to a new study.

The more an older woman weighs, the worse her memory, according to research released this week from Northwestern Medicine at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

The effect is more pronounced in women who carry excess weight around their hips, known as pear shapes, than women who carry it around their waists, called apple shapes.

The reason pear-shaped women experienced more memory and brain function deterioration than apple-shaped women is likely related to the type of fat deposited around the hips versus the waist.

Scientists know that different kinds of fat release different cytokines — the hormones that can cause inflammation and affect cognition.

“We need to find out if one kind of fat is more detrimental than the other, and how it affects brain function,” said Dr. Diana Kerwin, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of medicine and a physician at Northwestern Medicine. “The fat may contribute to the formation of plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease or a restricted blood flow to the brain.”

The study published in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Geriatric Society said, on average, there is a one-point drop in the memory score for every one-point increase in body-mass index — a ratio of a person’s height and weight. The study included 8,745 cognitively normal, post-menopausal women ages 65 to 79.

“Obesity is bad, but its effects are worse depending on where the fat is located,” Kerwin said.

“The study tells us if we have a woman in our office, and we know from her waist-to-hip ratio that she’s carrying excess fat on her hips, we might be more aggressive with weight loss,” Kerwin said. “We can’t change where your fat is located, but having less of it is better.”



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6 responses to “Nancy – Greetings from a second resident of State College Pennsylvania

  1. Sara

    Wow! Great to see you here, Nancy! (full disclosure here, Nancy’s mother-in-law is one of my best friends & lives quite close to me)
    That article was most interesting. Since I am your basic pear shape, it increases my motivation to keep weight down!
    I think we all have the issue of “oh, do I really have to write all this down?” I wasn’t sure I could at the beginning – but now that the habit is established, I can see that it has helped me become more consistent. It’s also nice that we are a forgiving, encouraging group, so you need not fear to post even if you are late or haven’t written it all down. 🙂

  2. Lovely to see you here, Nancy! One of the things you have to know is that WordPress won’t take a lot of coded stuff, so I guess, I’ll just remove it.
    Apart from that, goals are just that! Goals. You don’t have to be there right away, it might take you years and I would suggest working at it little by little, or else one gets discouraged 😉 At least, it happens to me.
    I think you guys from Pennsylvania are taking over LOL! I should really try to find some Parisians.

  3. Sara

    Ho ho, we’ll be happy to keep a low profile!
    More Parisians would be great! What about Cat, would she be interested?

  4. lilalia

    Nancy, a warm and hearty welcome to our group. Having someone new in group will make us all pull in our stomachs a bit more. If you need any help along the way, just ask. Claude is good as far as using WordPress goes. The rest of us are just in your rooting gallery. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  5. lynnbechtel

    Welcome Nancy! I too look forward to reading your posts.
    When I first started posting here I had a hard time getting myself to record my exercise but have since started using the icalendar feature on my Mac and it does help keep me on track.

  6. Hi Nancy, I’m back from Wales and am eagerly looking forward to your weekly exercise report 😉
    Choose a day of the week that’ll be convenient for you. I try to do it on Monday, which I missed two weeks in a row and will post today, so that next Monday, I’m all set for my weekly post. Hope it’s not too hot in your area…

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