Sara – Digging, etc.

That title should have everyone wondering!

Yes, I’ve been digging and shoveling dirt – from one neighbor’s yard into another’s.  Why?  Well, it was there.  Actually both of these neighbors are quite busy (more than me, very tight work schedules) & both on tight budgets right now.  Yet, their yards really need help.

Justin's side yard - I dug out roots & moved dirt from here...

To Lisa’s back yard…

next door to me...Lisa had yews taken out & there were great holes here.

You can see the new concrete walls and steps – we are still waiting for our new fences.   This was quite a project but it did help me lose some weight and get some excellent exercise.  30 minutes of digging burns 285 calories!

It’s not quite done but very close – once the roots are all out & dirt is all in, our maintenance guys will plant grass and it will look much better.

June 30-July 13

Wed. 14,296 steps (67 min. aerobic outdoors)
Thurs. 2 miles Leslie, 26 min. aerobic outdoors, 7 min. jumping
Fri. 7141 steps (1969 aerobic = 17 min. outdoors)
Sat. 10060 steps (0 aerobic) – 60 min. digging (!); 120 min. gardening
Sun. 14731 steps (8843 aerobic = 70 min. outdoors); 45 min. digging, 60 min. gardening
Mon. 9544 steps (4940 aerobic = 43 min. outdoors); 4×20 cardioglide; 4×6 shoulder presses
Tues. 8276 steps (3611 aerobic = 26 min. outdoors); 30 min. digging; 6×6 lateral arm raises
Wed. weigh-in – 146 lbs.  Boo hoo!  I think I over-ate, due to the digging.  I KNOW I over-ate…

Wed. 7832 steps (4502 aerobic = 3 Leslie miles); 45 min. digging; 4×20 cardioglide
Thurs. 3677 steps.  Slug.  🙂
Fri. 10590 steps (3 miles Leslie, forgot to put step count); 30 min. gardening; 4×20 cardioglide.
Sat. 12705 steps (52 min. outdoors = 3.13 miles)
Sun. 14110 steps (10004 aerobic – 3.5 miles outdoors = 67 min.)
Mon. 4433 steps. Slug 2.  🙂
Tues. 8009 steps (4369 aerobic – LS 3 miles); 4×6 thighmaster
Wed. Weigh-in – 143 lbs!  Woo hoo!  Despite some memorable meals & two slug days, I lost!  Quite a surprise actually.

Step count doesn’t record on sparkpeople, so if I don’t write down from Omron, I forget.  I put in minute and mile counts just in case that helps you who do not have your Omron pedometers yet!

Weather was quite hot during that whole first week of digging, so I worked early in the day, when those areas were in shade.

My back yard, with new sidewalk & day lilies - still waiting for new wall which will hide my neighbor's yard

So that’s where I disappeared to.  I had to cobble this together from Sparkpeople since I didn’t manage to record it all along.  But Sparkpeople is such a help in keeping track of things more precisely.

Off now to walk to Wegmans to buy some pate for Bastille Day!  🙂



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4 responses to “Sara – Digging, etc.

  1. Wow! This is such an impressive week and full of variety. And the weight loss to go with it! Wonderful

  2. lynnbechtel

    Ooof! Digging is hard work! Your varied exercise routine certainly is working well for you. Good news about the continued positive weight loss effort.

  3. lilalia

    I don’t think I could manage the digging. What a dear you must be and gained some gold stars from your neighbours. Excellent week. It is noticable that we are all moving more than we do in winter time. Heat waves and thunder storms aside, we are all doing well. Just got my pedometer yesterday.

  4. Sara

    I was so bugged by how awful their yards looked that I just HAD to do something. So there was definitely some self-interest involved. Besides the fact that one simply cannot waste free dirt!
    Thanks for all the compliments! I bow now… 😉

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