Lia – Hot Hot Muggy

Not going to spend much time talking about the weather, other than to say it is very hot and muggy here and this is making it hard to walk.

Thursday: 5 hours on my feet at the charity shop, 30 min. walking

Friday: 20 min. walking

Saturday: 45 min. walking

Sunday: doing nothing but putting my feet in a bucket of cold water

Monday: 45 min. walking

Tuesday: 1 hr. walking

Wednesday: 1 hr and 15 min. walking

Thursday: 40 min. walking

Friday: 40 min. walking

Saturday: 15 min. bicycling, 30 min. walking

Sunday: feet in cold water day



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2 responses to “Lia – Hot Hot Muggy

  1. I too had to put my feet in a cold water bucket after some 15,000 steps last week 😉
    A good week on the whole Lia. Wish you’d start yoga again! I enjoyed your yoga days!

  2. lynnbechtel

    Good week, even though hot weather prevailed.

    Feet in cold water sounds like a more effective strategy than my sitting in front of a fan that is simply circulating hot air (I have a friend who fills her bathtub with cold water on hot days and periodically immerses herself but that seems like too much work–sticking feet in water is much simpler).

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