Lynn–short week

Although only a few days have passed since my last post, I want to get back on a Sunday posting schedule. So, here goes:

Wednesday 7/7–Very hot again; 20 minute aerobic dance tape in my living room plus 15 minutes yoga/stretch/strengthen routine

Thursday 7/8–Nothing–out to supper right after work.

Friday 7/9–1 hour weeding and planting, 1/2 hour lawn mowing

Saturday 7/10–dancing at a wedding 🙂 didn’t calculate the time but my hips are a bit sore today so I’d guess I got my fair share of exercise!

It’s early yet today. Looks like it will be a nice day–not too hot. I have gardening to do and would love to go for a walk.



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2 responses to “Lynn–short week

  1. Wow! It sure looks like good exercise, Lynn. Never mind a short week, much better than no week at all 😉

  2. lilalia

    Love the idea of dancing at the wedding… so much more romantic than weeding.

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