Claude – two hot exercise weeks

I have been too busy, too lazy and probably too hot to post the week before last. My good friends from Norwich were here for a week and their stay started with a very cold day (12°c) to go on with the beginning of a heat wave that lasted until yesterday.
I must say that Parisians are neither used to snow in the winter or extreme heat in the summer. At least not in a lasting way. So we have trouble adjusting 😦
Anyway, I’m glad to say that in spite of the heat, and with the exception of one day when I was just too tired to do much except for napping on my sofa, being the perfect couch potato, I was pretty faithful to my cardio exercise and my steps.
So here go the two weeks from Monday June 21st to Sunday, July 4th, with a belated Happy 4th of July to our American members 🙂

Monday: 10mn stretching, 250 reps arms reinforcement (1kg), 22mn cardio on elliptical, 16,500 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, 30mn cardio, 12 500 steps
Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 250 reps arms reinforcement (1kg), Abs: 5×10 + 4×10, 2×10 thighmaster, 25mn cardio, 9,500 steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 250 reps arms reinforcement (1kg), Abs: 5×10 + 5×10, cardio 45mn, 10 squats, 2×10 thighmaster, 14,700 steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, 41mn cardio, 16,000 steps

Fontaine Stravinski, near Centre Pompidou, on a hot day

Saturday: 10mn stretching, 300 reps arms reinforcement, 21mn cardio, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 16,700 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, 3-mile LS, 32mn cardio, 10 squats, 2×10 thighmaster, abs=5×10 + 5×10 reps, 10,700 steps
Monday: 10mn stretching, arms reinforcement: 300 reps, cardio 38mn followed by stretching, 2×10 thighmaster, 12,000 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, abs=5×10 + 5×10 reps, LS 3miles, 36mn cardio followed by stretching, 12,700 steps
Wednesday: one-hour stretching class, 36mn cardio followed by stretching, 10,150steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, arms reinforcement 300 reps, cardio 30mn, 2×10 thighmaster, 10 squats, 13,700 steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, 800m swimming, 35mn cardio. 10,092 steps
With 34°c outside, I must say I really enjoyed my swimming session, even though, of course, the swimming-pool was crowded that day!

Saturday: 10mn stretching, arms reinforcement: 5 sets of 60 reps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, ABS: 2×50 reps, 10 squats, 2×10 thighmaster, 31mn cardio, 13,600 steps



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4 responses to “Claude – two hot exercise weeks

  1. lilalia

    Think it amazing that you manged so many steps even in a heatwave. We’ve had one too and my step count is noticeably more modest. The one thing that most people don’t know is that we really lack air conditioning to combat the heat. I personally don’t like air conditioning, but seeing through the day in an apartment that is 38 degrees is kind of hard. I imagine it is the same with you.

  2. lynnbechtel

    This is a solid 2 weeks–and there’s more than just walking in there–some good stretching, some squats and arm exercises.

    Is your apartment quite warm? I remember a 3rd floor apartment I once lived in where the temperature often got into the 90’s. It’s quite challenging to keep exercising in those conditions.

  3. Sara

    Woo, your arms and abs work is coming right along! I am excited because my thighmaster is coming in the mail soon…I got one from with free shipping!
    My house has only one airconditioner, upstairs in the bedroom – I have an arrangement of fans to move that air downstairs – and because my house is built on a concrete slab (no basement) the lower floor stays cooler than some. Upstairs is always hotter.
    I’m going to have to head to our outdoor pool if this heat wave continues. Wish I had a buddy though…somehow I don’t enjoy going to the pool alone!
    Lovely to see and hear the sounds at the Stravinski fountain!

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