Sara – holding, holding…

Hi, everyone!  Welcome back, Lynn, and I hope your jet lag is soon a thing of the past…

Weather this last week was mostly quite hot, but yesterday was lovely and today is quite cool so far.  Unfortunately I am doing indoors work which I’ve put off for too long, so am not in the best position to enjoy it.  I will get out later today though…

June 23-29:

Wed. 9984 steps (2463 aerobic); 8×20 cardioglide; 2′ on trampoline; 1.19 mi. outside walk (pace 19′).  This pace info comes from which calculates these things for you.  I have entered a bunch of maps there, so now know how far I am going when I walk outside – I time it with my pedometer.

Thurs. 6611 steps (2198 aerobic); 4×20 cardioglide; 1 mi. outdoors, pace 18′.

Fri. 14768 steps (7533 aerobic); 4×20 cardioglide; 2.84 mi. outdoors, pace 18-20′

Sat. 9546 steps (4945 aerobic); 3 mi. LS DVD; 8′ on trampoline; 6×20 cardioglide.

Sun. 6474 steps (2168 aerobic); 1 mi. outdoors, pace 18′

Mon.  13381 steps (4823 aerobic); 3 mi. LS, last with 2 lb. weights.

Tues. 7800 steps (3583 aerobic); 6×20 cardioglide; 1.44 mi. outdoors, pace 19′

I know the hot weather affected my desire to exercise, both outdoors and indoors – no AC in my house, although my downstairs is built on a cement slab so stays cooler.  But when temps go into upper 80s with humidity, it is still daunting.

Now I am hoping I can finish this paperwork soon and get myself back on track.  Fortunately I kept to my calorie allowance last week so am back to 145 lbs.  Had hoped to be lighter, but hey, what can one do?

Here’s to good weather and lovely walking for you all!  🙂



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4 responses to “Sara – holding, holding…

  1. lilalia

    We all have to bend with the weather, as it were. If your body is feeling the heat than you naturally have to take it easier. To do otherwise might be bad for your health. Still, it was a good week and very impressive step counts.

  2. Wow! Quite an impressive week, in spite of pressure, weather and everything.
    I am starting to like Sparkpeople except for the fact that I often find it complicated to adjust it to the stuff that I am doing. Thanks for introducing me

  3. lynnbechtel

    Looks like a good, varied week. You’re really using Sparkpeople as a good tool in lots of areas–all I ever managed was counting calories.

  4. Sara

    Calorie counting is helping me a lot, Lynn. I was fooling myself in so many areas…portion control and snacking…
    Every now & then I get very tired of recording things so I don’t…but I can always go back to it…& it’s getting easier to estimate the value of what I am eating…or rather CHOOSING to eat! 🙂

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