Sara – in a holding pattern…

Bonjour!  That headline is fairly accurate.  Our new sidewalks are completed but it has been very hot and muggy, and I have been too lazy to break out the camera and photograph them.  Maybe tomorrow and I will add a photo here.  We still must hire someone to put up walls between our gardens.  We’ll talk to another company tonight…

I wouldn’t mind some of that chilly weather right now.  Hot and muggy does not encourage me to exercise but I’ve pretty much kept plugging anyway.  Was doing well on watching my weight too until last night when I yielded to temptation and finished the creme brulee ice cream while watching a movie…ah, but it was worth it!  Yum yum!

Here is the week of June 15-22

Wed. 9993 (5596 aerobic – 2.2 miles outdoor walking); cardioglide 4x20x145

Thurs. 14391 (9188 aerobic – 3.5 miles outdoor); cardioglide 6x20x145

Fri. 8397 (4961 aerobic – 2 miles outdoor); cardioglide 4x20x145

Sat. 13485 (8000 aerobic – 3.15 miles outdoor); cardioglide 4x20x145

Sun. 11115 (4919 aerobic – 1.16 outdoor, 2 miles LS); cardioglide 6x20x145

Mon. 15084 (6712 aerobic – 4 miles LS); cardioglide 6x20x145; 2 hours international folk dancing

Tues. 14153 (8942 aerobic – 3.81 miles outdoor); cardioglide 4x2x145; yucky weather

Wed. AM weight – 146

Yes, lots of cardioglide – somehow it is so easy to just get on this machine in the AM and do the job.  Later in the day works better for walking.

We had a GREAT time doing international folk dancing this week, lots of fun music.  The only downside was that my feet did feel it the next day – but I think that was because of my doing the 4-mile Leslie challenge the same day.  Or maybe I need to wear different shoes.  Possibly both.

I’m wondering how Lynn is getting along in the UK.  I’m still doing the sparkpeople and am happy with the way it’s helping me track all sorts of little projects.  I am getting a lot done here in my house that I’ve put off for too long and that feels good.

Have a great week, everyone!  🙂



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3 responses to “Sara – in a holding pattern…

  1. Wow! What a week! You have really stuck to it in spite of the heat, haven’t you. I have never tried the 4 miles Leslie challenge yet, sounds… ominous 😉
    Keep going and congratulations on the weight loss too.

  2. lynnbechtel

    This is an impressive week, especially in heat and humidity.

  3. lilalia

    Wow, indeed! Way to go! You really did manage to reach a new limit, didn’t you? Doing the Leslie walk and folk dancing all on one day… I think I would conk out.

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