Claude – elliptically yours

It’s been a chilly week over here, but somehow it makes exercising easier. AND last Tuesday, my brand new elliptical crosstrainer got delivered at 11h30 and mind you, at twelve, I was pedalling and moving my arms. I must say that since I’ve received it, it has been used every day, and I love it. Also, I have discovered new muscles in my body, most particularly some I didn’t know I had in my back and in my arms.
I didn’t go to the swimming-pool last week as Tuesday is usually my swimming day and I definitely HAD to try my new machine 😉

Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, Abs 5×10 + 4×10, 50mn cardio (cardiowalk 26mn + 2miles LS AHA = 24mn), 10,000 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, 45mn elliptical cardio, 12,750 steps
Wednesday: One-hour stretching class, 36mn cardio (Elliptical), 2×10 thighmaster, 13,200 steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 57mn cardio, 10 squats, 2×10 thighmaster, 12,000 steps

Here’s my new acquisition

Friday: 10mn stretching, cardio 40mn, one-hour Feldenkrais, 10 squats, 10 thighmaster, 13,200 steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 250 reps arms reinforcement (1kg), ABS: 5×10 + 4×10, 10 squats, 2×10 thighmaster, 45mn cardio on elliptical, 12,500 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 5×10 + 4×10, 10 squats, 15mn cardio, 13,300 steps
This coming week, I’ll be walking around Paris with my friends, from Norwich, UK, as I did on Sunday, around Cimetière du Père Lachaise. So I might slow down on the cardio exercise, but will try to keep on doing some anyway



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4 responses to “Claude – elliptically yours

  1. lilalia

    Like the fact that you can walk on the elliptical machine and look out a full wall window as if you are walking outdoors. Have fun with your visitors and I wish you sunny fair weather.

    • I could, of course, look outside, but in fact what I do is watch series episodes on my large screen computer and turning my back to the window 😉

  2. Sara

    OOOOOOOHHHH je suis tres jalouse, as you already know…
    This is marvelous – it’s nice to be able to keep tabs on the cardio while on the elliptical – now when you are outside you can relax more and just enjoy taking photos, etc. etc.
    Gee, if I could get rid of some furniture, I could fit one of these into my house…but which furniture…??? Maybe in a couple of years…

  3. lynnbechtel

    congratulations on your new purchase! Sounds like you’re enjoying it, which is key to staying consistent with exercise isn’t it?

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