Sara – better!

Bonjour, tout le monde!  It is a cool greyish day here in State College but our construction progresses – they poured our new sidewalk yesterday & now it is drying.  Work schedule is slower, although I do have to sing a funeral this week.  Celine Dion’s The Prayer – and Over the Rainbow for the postlude.  The lady who passed was one of my friends, an amazingly vital and creative person.  I hope I can manage not to cry while I’m singing…
June 9 – 14
Wed. 8665 (4375 aerobic); LS 3-mile w. stretchy band.
Thurs. 9579 (2896 aerobic); plus 3-4 hours of gardening.
Fri. 12226 (2590 aerobic); 1.5 miles outside; 2 hours intense gardening! 4 arms exercises (4x6x5).
Sat. 13698 (7560 aerobic); tired but walked outside anyway, 3.14 cardio miles
Sun. 6381 (2607 aerobic); 5 sets 20 reps cardioglide
Mon. 12336 (6873 aerobic); 4 x 20 cardioglide; LS 3 miles w. stretchy band
Tues. 13634 (8393 aerobic); LS 1-fast-mile; 4 x 20 cardioglide; 2 mi. outside
Wed. AM weight – 145 lbs. 🙂

Yes, that’s correct!  I hit my goal and my underwear fits perfectly.  But I am going to try to get a bit lower, so as to wear some other clothes.  It feels so good to be thinner AND more in shape!   This is what I weighed when I went to France 2 years ago. Sparkpeople has been a big help.  BUT I would never have gotten started with such regular exercise, if Claude had not talked me into joining you that same year.  Your inspiration and encouragement has kept me moving through the rough spots.

Now it’s a question of maintaining these gains, but I am learning to like new habits so that should not be so bad…

And here is a denizen of SC “cafe society” – he is to be found at Wegmans cafe most mornings – he mutters to himself as he reads & is always very quiet.  I had to be sneaky with this photo…so did not frame it just right…

not as picturesque as Paris, but what can you do...

Je vais commenter maintenant.  A la semaine prochaine!  Et bonne semaine a tous!  🙂



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4 responses to “Sara – better!

  1. lilalia

    Two very moving choices of song for your friend’s funeral. I can not even talk properly when teary, can’t imagine being able to sing. Do hope you manage.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. How wonderful to hear that you reached your goal. Good for you.

    • Sara

      Thanks, Lia! It went well. I had to practice to get the B flat in The Prayer but it came out well in performance.
      When we rehearsed Over the Rainbow I DID cry all the way through it. It is tough to sing & cry at the same time. But at the funeral itself, it followed a eulogy by Millie’s grandson which was so upbeat – and that helped me sing it without breaking down.
      All in all it was lovely because those two songs have so much of Millie in them…and it was wonderful to sing them for her…

  2. Congratulations, Sara! Good to know you are doing so well on your food intake and that your clothes look good on you. Your exercise log is quite impressive too! Wonderful week.

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