Lia – back in the saddle

Hi! I was away for nearly two weeks visiting family and friends in Toronto and Montreal. This is to say that I am now safe and sound and back at home. It was a very busy three weeks (extending the visit to include the rushed week before the trip) and even though I didn’t post, mainly because of the lack of internet connection, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been out walking. Actually, I’ve never done so much walking than I did in the last while. During this time, I think I was walking a minimum of one hour on a bad day and up to 4-5 hours on a good. All of it being done on concrete sidewalks, so this was hard on the hips and knees, but the new insoles really kept my feet in shape. Was our for three days before my visit because I broke the tip of one of my toes. A laptop battery fell down on it.

I’m trying to get over my jet lag with the help of a long early morning walk. Wish me luck that this works.



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2 responses to “Lia – back in the saddle

  1. How nice to have taken a trip to Toronto. You seem to have done good on your walking there.
    Hope your toe doesn’t hurt too much and doesn’t keep you from walking.

  2. Sara

    Oh very cool! You were not very far from me – I keep meaning to drive up to Toronto and perhaps Montreal, just to see a bit more of Canada. And then the budget returns me to reality…but one of these days I will do it.
    Hurrah for getting back on track! Hope your toe mends well. The tiniest issue with feet is so noticeable when you’re walking. I usually walk on concrete sidewalks too…
    Let us know how your jet lag responds to treatment! 🙂

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