Lynn–stressful week

This has been an anxious  and difficult week. My brother-in-law died last Thursday after suffering a stroke on Monday while working in Jakarta. My sister flew to Jakarta on Tuesday. So, not only have I been feeling sad about his death but I’ve been concerned about my sister with such a long trip and difficult news that greeted her.

Exercise does help with anxiety but it’s also easy to get caught up in waiting for the phone to ring and let exercise go. Here’s my record (as best I remember–I wasn’t very good at tracking things this week):

Monday–housework and some gardening


Wednesday–about 35 minutes brisk walking, in several smaller walks

Thursday–30 to 35 minutes brisk walking

Friday–lawnmowing (about 30 to 35 minutes)

And that’s it. This weekend I’ve been running errands and doing house chores getting ready to go to England on Wednesday. I’ll be there until the 26th. Hopefully I’ll get some good walks and I’ll try to post at least once.



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2 responses to “Lynn–stressful week

  1. Oh Lynn, so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. My thoughts are for your sister, dealing with her loss and her pain in a faraway land. Talking about exercise seems so irrelevant in such circumstances.
    Your being with your sister in England is going to be so helpful to her.
    Wishing you a safe trip.

  2. Sara

    Oh my, how sad! My sympathies to both of you. As Claude says, it is good that you can go to England to be with her. Safe travel and I hope that all arrangements go smoothly…

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