Claude – good exercise week

This was really a good week especially walking and cardio exercise. I just bought myself two 1kg weights to replace the half kg weights for my arms reinforcement as trying to deal with one-litre bottles was just sort of difficult. For some reason, I really walked quite a lot this week with two days exceeding 18,000 steps.
My feet are still somewhat hurting, but either I am getting used to it or they hurt less. Can’t say that they are really comfortable although I have excellent shoes.

From Monday May 24th to Sunday May 30th
Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 29mn swimming, 700metres, 7,281steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 42mn cardio including 20mn jogging, 19,620 steps

We are not the only ones walking!

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 37mn cardio with LS, 11,500steps, 10 thighmaster, 5 squats, 11,800steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 15 mn arms reinforcement, 10 thighmaster, 40mn cardio, 13,569steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 5X10 + 4X10, Cardio 35mn (LS 3miles), one-hour Feldenkrais class, 17,792 steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement (1kg), LS AHA 3-miles, 40mn cardio, 10 thighmaster, 5 squats, 13,989 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 5X10 + 4X10, LS AHA 3-miles cardio 39mn, 20 thighmaster, 5 squats, 12,421steps,



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3 responses to “Claude – good exercise week

  1. lilalia

    What a fine week! I am very impressed with those step counts. Way to go!

  2. Sara

    Woo woo, amazing step counts! No wonder your feet hurt a bit. Brava also for that abs work. I need to do more of that. I was sorry to see on FB today that you have nodules on your tendons – I never heard of such a thing, but bummer, you were just beginning to jog some…
    Awwwww, cute duck!

  3. lynnbechtel

    Wow, Claude–this is a great week! You continue to have good variety in your workouts and a nice balance between strength work and aerobics.

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