Claude – from very cold to very hot

We’ve had really huge temperature variations. At the beginning of the week, it was raining and awfully cold and yesterday, I decided to get my fans out as it’s really getting hot.
I am finding it more and more difficult to reach my optimal heartrate when walking briskly. It used to be difficult to keep it down to 125bpm and now it’s difficult to get there. It’s a good sign though, as it means that I am fitter. And yet, it’s going to make my exercise life more difficult because I have to find a replacement for the brisk walking. I am actually considering joining a gym to go on their elliptic machines, but
1) they’re very expensive
2) I wonder if I’ll stick to going. You see, I know myself and have spent inordinate amounts of money in the past on NOT sticking to it, after a month or so. 😦
The other solution is to buy an elliptic machine but those are very expensive too.
There are three gyms within 5mn walking from my place… At the moment, I am thinking it over.

I took this at Saint-Denis Basilica

Monday:10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 2X10 thighmaster, 1X5 squats, LS 3-miles, 35mn cardio, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 9,245steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 reps, 52mn cardio (24mn cardiowalking, 28mn swimming), 9,580steps
Wednesday: One-hour stretching class, 38mn cardio, 14,452 steps
Thursday:10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, abs reps 4×10 + 3×10, 10 thighmaster, 5squats, 44mn cardio, 11,200steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 8,888steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 29mn cardio, 14,375 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 10 thighmaster 5 squats, 30mn cardio including 20mn jogging, 8,930 steps



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7 responses to “Claude – from very cold to very hot

  1. lilalia

    The only way that you might find success joining a gym is if you can find a buddy to go with you or find one or two courses offered at the gym that you really look forward to taking. It seems to me that you do take courses and you have great self-discipline… do you really need more? If you are getting fitter with your present regime, why can’t you keep it so?

    • ccf93

      I don’t want to take classes. I want to use their machines because I am not supposed to jog more than twice a week, and I need cardio exercise to keep my cholesterol count down and I am having trouble walking fast enough

  2. efoss3

    Lewis thinks that you may get your heart rate up. I belong to a YMCA gym, but it isn’t too expensive. I go with a friend twice a week. I want to go three times, but I never seem to make it.

    Good luck.

    • Outsiders’ comments are not usually accepted here, but you are a good friend and I was also wondering if you wouldn’t consider joining ElderExercise?
      It’s been really good for me.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Is it possible to get your pulse rate up with swimming? Or wearing a weighted vest when you walk to increase the effort (not very attractive but might be effective)?

    This is a great exercise record and it’s clear that it’s paying off–being too fit is a good problem to have 🙂

    • eeww! I already find swimming once a week plenty! It does get my heart rate up, mind you. Swimming is not for sissies 😉
      eeww weighted vest doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll see what the people at the hospital will advise. Basically, they like you to have some sort of exercise machine at home, so that rain doesn’t keep you from exercising. Leslie Sansone is another good solution, as she has a variety of more demanding cardiotraining things, but not something that I want to do every single day.
      Thanks for the suggestions

  4. Sara

    Hm, maybe a weighted belt? I can understand your not wanting to wear a weighted vest…eeww indeed.
    I did like the elliptical when I went to the gym. Getting a good one IS expensive though and a substandard one is not worth having.
    It’s a great problem to have.
    You could try Pilates DVDs by Mari Winsor – they would certainly challenge your abs! AND everything else…

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