Lynn-Love the long, light evenings

It’s starting to feel summery here and is staying light well into the evening. Friends came to supper last night and we were able to linger quite late on the screened in porch–what a treat!

Although this was a less busy week, I didn’t get as much exercise as the week before–funny how that can happen. Here’s the record:

Monday 5/17–lawn mowing (front half)–25 minutes, yoga

Tuesday 5/18–rainy day and achy joints (reacting to the dampness and maybe I overdid it w/ the weeding on Sunday)–no exercise

Wednesday 5/19–dinner plans and writing group after work–no exercise

Thursday 5/20–20 minute walk at lunch at slow pace (w/ a colleague), yoga, some weeding/yard work

Friday 5/21–dinner plans right after work, short lunch break–no exercise

Saturday 5/22–housecleaning and lawn mowing (45 minutes for the lawn)

Nothing yet today (early afternoon) but plan to work in the garden as soon as my lunch digests 🙂 I’ll report next week.



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5 responses to “Lynn-Love the long, light evenings

  1. lilalia

    Do you enjoy the gardening? Do you think you can publish a photo here?

    • lynnbechtel

      I do enjoy the gardening, Lia, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done in the garden. I have a number of beds that I put in when I had summers off and lots of time to keep up with things.

      I’ll take some pictures and post them.

  2. That garden is a constant source of exercise, isn’t it? That’s great.
    I too like it when we have longish evenings. Wish it were like this all the time.
    This week’s OK and next week will be even better 🙂

  3. Sara

    No matter how much exercise you have been doing, that garden work still tires every muscle you have! I did some garden work last Saturday & boy, could I feel it on Monday…
    Not terribly aerobic, though…
    The long evenings are great! I am happy that I have no evening rehearsals this week…
    Looking forward to your photos!

    • lynnbechtel

      You’re right Sara, the gardening is muscle intensive but not aerobic (unless it’s lawn mowing or lots of heavy digging). I have to work at getting aerobic exercise in summer when it starts to get hot.

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