Sara – losing weight! :-)

Hi, everyone!  I send Lynn a special thank-you this week, since several weeks ago she suggested the website for recording one’s calorie count.  Took me a while to actually look into it – a shopping trip spurred me on – but I have joined it, today is my 6th day of recording what I eat.  It IS somewhat complicated at the start but once you figure out how to enter YOUR foods & their nutritional value, it is easy & pretty quick.  I set a goal of losing 10 pounds by Aug. 6th, and it gave me a calorie range for each day.  So far, I think I am eating better, since it encourages me to actually plan a meal instead of picking up various nutritious (and caloric) snacks.  NOT a diet, since I am eating all foods I like.  I haven’t felt deprived but it does take some willpower to resist that urge to snack when tired or at loose ends.  LOVE the little glass of water to click on to record your glasses drunk that day – I have been so bad about drinking water.  But am now drinking 7-8 glasses, no problem.  Thank you so much, Lynn!

Last week (May 10-16) went this way:

Mon. 7672 steps (2763 aerobic), 10 x 5 squats (to use Claude’s terminology)

Tues. 7165 (3320), 10x 2 squats, 10 min. Pilates with Mari Winsor.  I did the beginning of the beginner’s routine & my abs were sore for 3 days.  This may be my equivalent of swimming, Claude…

Wed. 10108 (5427 – 4 LS miles, woo hoo!), 5 x 6 squats (I decided 10 at a time were a bit much)

Thurs. 8173 (4004 – 1 LS mi. plus around my block), 4 x 10 squats

Fri.  11541 (3272 – 1 LS abs mile, 1x block), only 6 squats, but hey…

Sat. 12193 (7248 – 2 LS miles), only 6 squats, I kind of forgot to squat…

Sun. 10523 (5514 – 1 LS abs mile, around my block 2x), 5 x 6 squats

As you can see I’ve started trying to be more specific in tracking what I do.   The site considers aerobic walking the same whether it is walk, walk/jog, or run & has no place to put in LS, so I just dump it all in there.  If I do 45-50 minutes aerobic per day, I have more than met my exercise goal to lose the weight.  30 min. gets me pretty close. So – hoho!

my evening walk was accompanied by this sky!

Weather was lovely at the end of last week – promises to be a bit cooler this week.  Fine with me!

Now I will go and see what you all have been up to…have a great week!  🙂



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4 responses to “Sara – losing weight! :-)

  1. lilalia

    Sounds very interesting about the site. Good luck on reaching your goal. Good week as well with exercise. You must feel very upbeat.

  2. A wonderful exercise week and if losing weight is what you want, good that you have found a site that helps you. I just love that photo!

  3. lynnbechtel

    Good to hear that Sparkpeople has been helpful. I find that I do need to somehow track what I’m eating, either through something like sparkpeople or the weightwatchers site, if I want to successfully lose weight.

    Great exercise week, especially with the aerobics.

  4. Sara

    Lynn, tracking it seems to be a key for me too. Otherwise I just fool myself… 😉

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