Lynn–moving along

Tree peony from my garden today

In spite of a busy week I managed to get in some exercise. Good weather helped. Plus a friend and I recently started doing WeightWatchers again. We’re each trying to get rid of  10 pounds that have crept on over the last 2 years. A 30 minute walk means I have an additional 2 points to “spend” on food that day, which is good motivation to get out the door!

Monday 5/10–Walked 30 minutes, briskly, before going to chorus rehearsal–level path

Tuesday 5/11–Worked at home so was able to exercise despite after-work plans–walked 15 minutes, did yoga routine

Wednesday 5/12–Walked 40 minutes, moderate pace, some hills.

Thursday 5/13–15 minute walk plus yoga routine

Friday 5/14–Nothing–went straight from work to dinner event

Saturday 5/15–At singing workshop all day–went for a walk during pre-dinner break–about 45 minutes but wasn’t really tracking time, distance or pace–was chatting with other people as we walked.

Sunday 5/16–One and 1/2 hours weeding and edging in the garden.



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7 responses to “Lynn–moving along

  1. Quite a good week, Lynn. I misread your Sunday exercise as “One and 1/2 hours wedding” LOL
    As standing is very tiring it could have been exercise too. But weeding is definitely good exercise.
    Good that you resumed the yoga routine 😉

  2. Glorious peony! Worth weeding and edging in the garden

  3. lilalia

    A very good week. Have you had any experiences with WeightWatchers before? I have been thinking of trying them myself.

    • lynnbechtel

      I did Weight Watchers for a year or so about 4 years ago and lost almost 25 pounds–I like the flexibility of the plan. I’d tried low carbohydrate diets and low fat diets before doing WW but didn’t like having food choices restricted.

      A good friend also did WW 4 years ago (and is re-joining now) and we helped each other stick with it.

  4. Sara

    Good job, Lynn! And that is a beautiful flower! I have regular peonies & they are almost ready to bloom. Rhododendrons are out here and azaleas.
    WW was my first attempt at losing weight, back in 2002 – it worked but I found it difficult. And I found the meetings tedious. Just recording things seems to do better for me…
    But I have friends who have been CHANGED by WW! So to each her own… 😉

    • lynnbechtel

      I agree that the meetings are tedious. I think the thing that has been most helpful for me is doing this along with a friend–and she likes the meetings so I go, too–but I doubt that I’d go regularly on my own.

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