Lia – Slow but steady

It was a slow but steady week last week. There was much going on with visitors and early doctors’ appointments, so I wasn’t able to go off with my husband walking in the mornings. Since it was a miserable rainy week as well that was just fine. This week is going to be different step wise and with more sun!

Monday: 40 min. walking

Tuesday: 20 min. walking

Wednesday: 1 hour 20 min. walking

Thursday: 20 minutes walking, 5 hours standing (my day to work at the charity shop)

Friday: 30 min. walking

Saturday: 40 min. walking

Sunday: day of rest

The sun is shinning bright and I have downloaded some new podcasts onto my ipod… I’m off walking!



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4 responses to “Lia – Slow but steady

  1. Hope your daughter is feeling better. This was a good walking week. Great job!
    Is that a photo of your neighbourhood? Quite lovely.

  2. lilalia

    Dear Claude, my daughter has mono and it will take a while to get better, but she is back at school and doing as best as possible. The photo is not in my immediate neighbourhood, but just ten minutes away. All Jugendstyle buildings.

  3. Sara

    What lovely houses! I like Jugendstil/art nouveau buildings. Glad you and your daughter are back into your routines! That looks good for a “bad weather” week!

  4. lynnbechtel

    Lia–i echo Claude and Sara–not bad for a week of chilly damp weather.
    Glad to hear that your daughter is back to school.


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