Sara – it’s been a bit of a slog…

Yo ho ho, wearing Fit 1 Jeans – Fit 1 = the fattest fit.  Still aiming for Fit 2 = the medium fit.  If I ever get back to Fit 3, you will probably hear me shouting in France!  Ah well, not bad for an old lady.

It’s been a tiring week, workwise – & weather turned quite hot for several days.  Now we have rain…but I did get in some outside walking & some photos as well as some LS miles.

From April 26 through May 2:

Mon. 3374 (no aerobic) – lots of work, completely unmotivated

Tues. 6416 (1790 aerobic) – began keeping track of squats – 42

Wed. 9725 (5595 aerobic) – 32 squats

Thurs. 9903 (7387 aerobic) – 32 squats – did a new Intense LS 3 miles – whew!

Fri. 13450 (6793 aerobic) – 26 squats

Sat. 10664 (2582 aerobic) – 42 squats

Sun. 11722 (2509 aerobic) – 32 squats – did the Intense 3 mi LS again – oddly enough it’s not that many steps but it’s very fast & uses hand weights w. some arm moves that I like.  The rest of those steps were – just walking around at church.

Don’t know if it was the intense LS, the heat in the 80s, or my general work overload that made me feel so tired this week.  But I am happy that I kept going.  Although right now it would be nice to just take off in this little airplane…

"aerobic?" hee hee

I’ve been waiting for the right time to photograph this little toy, in a neighbor’s yard, and this week the light was just right.

Happy walking, all!



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7 responses to “Sara – it’s been a bit of a slog…

  1. lynnbechtel

    Sara–I’m really impressed by those squats! Full squats? That will help build those biking leg muscles.

    What brand of jeans do you wear? I’ve never heard of Fit1, Fit2, etc.

    • Sara

      @lynn – yep, full squats, holding on to the edge of my kitchen sink…
      Various brands – the Fit1 etc. thing was just my way of describing how they fit, not a manufacturer’s description! I guess it was suggested to me by those categories at Land’s End…which I had just been looking at…they use these categories for all their women’s pants.

  2. Whew! Squats. Wonderful. I stick to no more than 10 and was recommended last week to not do complete ones, as lately, my knees have been hurting some. I do the other exercise I mentioned last week to compensate.
    Great step count and yeah for 3-miles LS

    • Sara

      @Claude – I am so fortunate to have no knee issues. I credit the yoga & ballet that I did when younger, which did a lot to make me aware of those inner thigh muscles that strengthen the knee.
      But these full squats are intense! I do 8 at a time…spread throughout the day. Have started marking it down on my refrigerator bulletin board.

  3. lilalia

    Way to go. I keep on reading about you and Claude doing squats and keep on thinking, “I should do that”, but so far hasn’t been translated into action.

    • I was so delighted during my India trip when I realized that for the first time in my life (couldn’t do it when I was young), I was able to squat over those horrid toilet and get up without touching the squalid walls! I thought it was well worth it the efforts. 😉

      • Sara

        There was one of those weird toilets in the cafe near Place des Vosges, Claude! Remember? We’d both be in shape now…

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