Lynn–Is it August already?

The past 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) have been sultry–temperatures in the upper 80s (what is that in celsius? 30 something?) and humid with thunderstorms predicted for tonight.  Too soon for this kind of weather!

Here’s my exercise record for the past week:

Sunday 4/25–never got around to any serious exercise–a little bit of housework, a load or 2 of laundry, some errands, a good book…relaxing but not aerobic exercise

Monday 4/26–chorus rehearsal after work, rainy, no exercise

Tuesday 4/27–30 minute brisk walk

Wednesday 4/28–30 minute brisk walk

Thursday 4/29–35 minute brisk walk

Friday 4/30–out after work–no formal exercise although I spent time at work helping someone set up for a workshop which meant more up and down stairs, etc., than usual

Saturday 5/1–lawn mowing (front and side) 25 – 30 minutes, felt like a workout in the warm weather

Sunday 5/2–some housework, lots of weeding

So, 4 out of 7 days I did something aerobic–not as good as I’d like but not terrible. My goal of increasing amount of time walking will need to wait until I’ve gotten the orthotics sorted out, which won’t happen until later this month. I’ve got a busy week coming up–out 3 evenings–so we’ll see how the exercise goes (I ‘m taking a vacation day tomorrow, which should help).



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4 responses to “Lynn–Is it August already?

  1. lilalia

    Good average nevertheless. Good luck with trying to handling the busy evening schedule.

    • Sara

      That’s not bad at all, considering your full-time work schedule! But I feel your pain. The heat sapped my energy this week too…once it is truly summer & we can get adjusted, it will be easier…

  2. lynnbechtel

    I don’t ever get really acclimated to the heat and humidity but I do get better at exercising early in the morning in order to beat the heat.

  3. That’s certainly a pretty good week.
    I don’t like it when it’s hot and humid either, and it makes exercise even more tiring. Here too we’ve had an August like week.

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