Sara – rain, rain, go away!

It’s been very stormy here – for 3 days now – I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow.

However, our weather earlier last week was lovely and I rode the bus to the bike shop to pick up my bike – then I rode my bike home – WHEW!  A bit harder than the ride down, and by the time I was wheeling the bike up the last big hill, I was quite tired.  My leg muscles were somewhat recovered last night & do feel much better today.  I can tell I need to ride this bike at least twice a week to get those muscles in shape…

it was a good week for flowering trees!

A photo from one of my earlier walks…the trees were fantastic!

Week of April 19-25:

Mon. 111359 (1982 aerobic) – my aerobic count is lowered when I keep stopping for photos…

Tues.  5509 (3722 aerobic) – forgot my pedometer for half of this day so this should probably be 2-3000 more…

Wed. 10394 (5372 aerobic)

Thurs. 12049 (6426 aerobic)

Fri. 11551 (2104 aerobic) – many of the nonaerobic steps were wheeling my bike – & of course pedometer doesn’t count pedaling…

Sat. 4665 (2130 LS aerobic) – rain, exhausted, but did do a bit of LS anyway

Sun. 7108 (3946 LS aerobic) – more rain, legs still a bit tired.

GOOD news is that I did watch my food more carefully & managed to get into one pair of summer jeans.  I need to keep at this though since those were my “fatter” jeans…thanks for all the encouragement!  Lynn, I will have to check out that website…

Now off to an afternoon mass – Anointing of the Sick – volunteers bring people from the nursing homes to be anointed at mass.  Lots of singing for our small choir of retired folks, while the anointing is going on…

I may have to comment later but it’s nice to see everyone “springing forward…”



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4 responses to “Sara – rain, rain, go away!

  1. lilalia

    Isn’t it amazing that despite the excellent step counts, riding a bicycle can take the breath out of you? This happens to me whenever I haven’t ridden a bicycle in a while. It is like there is taffy smeared on the bicycle chain. Lovely photo.

  2. Any new exercise can take the breath off you, I think. Which is why it’s interesting to do something new. Good for to have taken up biking again. I hate those hills, up as well as down (on the way day, I get scared)
    You are such a daring lady.
    Great week, Sara! Keep pedalling and walking

  3. lynnbechtel

    Great step count–and congratulations on the biking and fitting into your jeans. Progress!

    I agree with Lia and Claude–any new exercise uses different muscles and tests endurance in different ways.

  4. Sara

    Thanks, all! But so much for riding twice a week – I didn’t manage to ride at all this last week. Claude, I am afraid of the hills too. But having my gears working better does help. I have not faced the BIG hill on the bike – and I walked my bike down the smaller hill the first day I went out! Fortunately there were no small children around to scoff…

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