Claude – readjusting to exercise other than walking

When in England, except for the few minutes every morning to get my body into movement, which I baptized “stretching” a long time ago, movements that I basically do while still in bed, all I did was walk, walk, walk. I found that I like my newly-found routines.
AND I have realized that they are rather productive too.
Take my arms reinforcement routine, for example. One of the side effects is that when I was in London, and my bathroom had one of those showers that splashes all over the place, except over your body, I took baths. Last year, what I did, was only fill the bottow of the tub because when it was full, I just couldn’t heave my body out.
Now, thanks to squats and arm reinforcement, getting myself out of a bathtub is just a breeze!
This may seem like nothing, but it made my life “en voyage” much easier.

Monday: 10mn stretching, 15,364 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, 16,774 steps

I love Covent Garden, too bad it’s so noisy!

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 5 squats, 10 knee things, abs 4×10 + 3×10, 15mn arms reinforcement, 7,250 steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 5 squats, 10 knee things, abs 4×10, 15mn arms reinforcement, 47 mn cardio, 15020 steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, 10 knee things, 20mn cardio (LS 2miles), 14,205 steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 10 knee things, 20mn cardio (LS 2miles), abs: 4X10 reps, 3X10 reps, 15mn arms reinforcement, 5,231 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, abs: 5×10 reps, 3X10 reps, 10x knee thing, 25mn cardio walk, 10,034 steps

If you’re wondering what “knee things” are, it’s some sort of contraption that I use to reinforce the muscles that are just above the knee inside the thighs and protect your knees from hurting (not a photo of my thighs and knees 😉 )



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3 responses to “Claude – readjusting to exercise other than walking

  1. lilalia

    What fabulous step counts. It must be so satisfying to get yourself out of a bathtub without winching. Way to go. Knowing that the walking was also a part of talking and viewing and discovering… it sounds as if you had an wonderful time in England.

  2. Sara

    Steps are awesome as usual! But being hooked on healthy routines is great, so good that you missed them. And getting out of a bath easily is a wonderful thing. I’m glad you had a super trip! (cream teas and all!) 😉

  3. lynnbechtel

    How wonderful to see such tangible benefits to the squats and arm exercises–might encourage me to be more disciplined about my strength building exercises. It’s great that they’ve become such an integral part of your routine that you miss doing them.

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