Lia – too many excuses

No rest for the wicked… actually, the last two weeks have been very rough; son was stranded in southern Italy due to the volcano, my daughter arrived back from Grenada in time, but came up with a very mysterious persisting illness that has kept us up at nights and the doctors puzzled. IknowIknow, too many excuses… so, here it is:

Week before last

Monday: no excercise

Tuesday: 20 min. walking

Wednesday: 1 hour walking

Thursday: 50 min. walking

Friday: 70 min. walking

Saturday: 80 min. walking

Sunday: no exercise

Last week

Monday to Wednesday no exercise

Thursday: 30 min. walking

Friday: 45 min. walking

Saturday: 50 min. walking

Sunday: 70 min. walking



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5 responses to “Lia – too many excuses

  1. Those were two volcanic weeks then 😉
    I was in England all the while, but here in France, trains were on strike, so no planes, because of volcano thing and no trains either! Except for the Eurostar, so I was really lucky
    Hope they find what’s wrong with your daughter and get her fit again.
    Your walking was pretty good though, considering the situation.

    • lilalia

      Ahemmmm, the volcano problem was actually only for four days… still, it is amazing how intensively difficult things were and yet how well people adapted. Daughter still fighting fever, she’ll have to be tested for tropic illnesses tomorrow.

  2. Sara

    Hm, weird illness…not good…hope you get it sorted soon!
    Excellent walking record, Lia! No excuses needed… 😉

    • lilalia

      Thanks about getting things sorted. Sure hope so. With the weather here so fabulous, it’s not hard to convince husband and friends to accompany me on some walks.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Lia–great walking in spite of your worries. I hope your daughter is improving and that they’ve figured out what is going on.

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