Lynn-love the spring weather

Sorry to be slow in posting–no excuse other than time passing quickly. The toe is completely recovered but I’ve had some low back pain–think it’s due to worn down orthotics. I called my orthotics maker for an appointment and got a message saying the phone was out of service. Panic! His office is in a town about 15 miles from where I work so I enlisted a friend to go out on her lunch break and drive by to see if he is still in business (it’s been a couple of years since I last got the orthotics adjusted)–he is in business, thank heavens, and I have an appointment. Amazing how our feet affect our bodies.

Spring is really bursting around here–lots of color and lush growth. Love it!

Last week–Monday and Tuesday I had things going on after work, so minimal exercise.

Wednesday 4/14–walked 30 minutes briskly

Thursday 4/15–walked 20 minutes and yard work

Friday 4/16–walked 30 – 35 minutes briskly

Saturday–low back pain, no exercise

Sunday–20 minute walk, stretching/strength workout

Monday 4/19–Got the lawn mower out for the first time this season–Mowed front and side lawn–about 25 minutes–gets my heart rate speeded up quite nicely

Tuesday 4/20–Mowed back lawn–30 minutes

Wednesday (today)–walked 30 minutes

It’s late and I’m very sleepy so I’ll post comments on Sara’s and Claude’s posts tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Lynn-love the spring weather

  1. lilalia

    Glad to hear about the toe. Know what you mean about the panic that good and steady businesses are closing down. At least in this case it wasn’t so, but there are plenty of other examples.

  2. Good to know that your orthotics maker hadn’t closed down. Ever since the guy who made my insole retired, I haven’t been able to find one that knew what he was doing and am back to wearing no insoles. Putting all my hopes in Feldenkrais practice now.

    Yours was a pretty good week on the whole, wasn’t it?

  3. Sara

    Yes, same thing is happening here. We’re lucky to still have a shoe repairman in our town – he’s resoling my favorite pair of walking shoes, hurrah!
    Mowing the lawn is fantastic exercise. Go for it! Hope your nice weather continues…

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