Sara – same old same old…stepping on…

From my same old neighborhood in State College, PA…

Pleased with my steps but not with my weight…I made the mistake of going shopping & visiting a fitting room.  Hence I am now writing down everything I eat, and determined to fit into summer clothing soon…sooooooon…I hope…

A very cold-ish week last week but today was beautiful and I took this photo…

one of the many flowering trees we have now

Week of April 12-18:

Mon. 6836 (1845 aerobic)

Tues. 13399 (7810 aerobic)

Wed. 13001 (6217 aerobic)

Thurs. 8132 (5234 aerobic)

Fri. 15989 (2481 aerobic) – contradancing accounted for much of this…

Sat. 10342 (zero aerobic, hm, I forget why this was…)

Sun. 11027 (7230 aerobic)

Leslie got short shrift last week because I was just more wanting to get outside in spite of chilly temps…but I got back to her yesterday and truly felt it in my legs and arms.  She’s so gooooood…

Will let you know how the new food record affects my intake.  Claude, you’ll be happy to know I started a personal google calendar with all that stuff on it…will see if it makes my posting easier…  🙂

Happy walking, everyone!  Looking forward to hearing from Lia and Lynn!



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5 responses to “Sara – same old same old…stepping on…

  1. Yeah on the steps! It looks like a great week. I find that it’s LS that helps me not put on any more weight though. It’s more strenuous exercise than just walking. But steps are the basis of everything. Well done for the calendar.

  2. And great photo, by the way!

  3. lynnbechtel

    Good step count.
    And oh, yes, those winter pounds are so hard to get rid of–and the older we get, the harder to lose weight. When I did Weight Watchers a few years ago, the daily recording of food intake was helpful in staying on track. There’s a website, wwwDOTsparkpeopleDOTcom that can be helpful in tracking calories–free registration.

  4. lilalia

    What good step counts. Congratulations. All the best on your attempts to lose weight.

  5. Sara

    Thanks for website recommendation, Lynn – I will check it out. Claude, I’m afraid my new calendar habits bit the dust by midweek…I may be hopeless in that regard…
    BUT I did get into the “fatter” of my “leaner” jeans…now for the “leaner” ones…it certainly does get harder each year, I think.

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