Claude – walking herself silly in London

Why, oh why, do my feet hurt so much more here than they do at home? Probably because I stay out much longer and have fewer opportunities to get some rest. I feel guilty complaining like this when I am so lucky to be getting around and having wonderful weather too!
Here are my week’s steps. Not much else, since I’ve been in London, just steps.

Monday: 10mn stretching, abs (4×10) (3×10),15mn arms reinforcement, 10 knee muscle reps, 33mn aerobic, 8015 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching,15mn arms reinforcement, one-hour stretching class
Wednesday: departure for London: 10 mn stretching, 14,752 steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 13, 572 steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, 9,543 steps

Not sure this has much to do with microsoft, although this is what it advertises, but I sort of thought it was adequate for my purpose 😉

Saturday: 10mn stretching 14,532 steps,
Sunday: 10mn stretching, 13,720 steps

On Sunday morning, my pedometer battery gave up on me. So I appropriated Elly’s steps and added mine when I managed to have my battery replaced. Incidentally, Elly and Leo both have the same pedometer as me, but somehow, even though we walked to the same places and did the same stuff, I was always the one who had fewer steps and Leo had the most, which infuriated both Elly and myself. If anyone can provide an explanation, I’d love to have one!



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3 responses to “Claude – walking herself silly in London

  1. Sara

    Infuriating indeed! And Leo’s legs are longer so it makes no sense at all…
    My speculations – perhaps you linger more – or perhaps the paving surfaces are different!
    And I want to see a photo of you exercising in the tube! 😉
    Seriously, great job…walk walk walk, look look look…

  2. lynnbechtel

    Ah, London–I love walking around that city–and I know what you mean about sore feet there–it’s easy to overdo it (happens to me in NYC too). But great exercise.

    Not sure what might be up w/ the pedometers. I’ve had trouble finding ones that are accurate so I wonder if it’s just a difference in the pedometer?

  3. lilalia

    You are our leader and inspiration. What fantastic step counts. Big city, large distances, I know, but still, way to go!

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