Claude – a good exercise week

Last week was fine in terms of weather since we hardly had any rain. But we are still having really chilly spells and you never know what to wear when you go out. Most particularly if you get out early in the morning. I can’t believe how much I walked this week and I’m pretty pleased with the rest of the exercising too.
My doctor confirmed that my cholesterol count was, -in his words- perfect!
As of this Wednesday, I’ll be in London for a week, and will meet some of my very dear flickr friends.

Week from April 5th to April 11th

Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, (Abs 4X10 +2×10), LS-3 miles, 35mn aerobic, 13,498 steps

Tuesday: 10mn stretching, LS-3 miles, 30mn aerobic, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 15,667 steps

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, abs (4×10) (3×10),15mn arms reinforcement,3-miles LS, 30mn cardio, 11,295 steps

Thursday: 10mn stretching, abs (4×10) (3×10),15mn arms reinforcement, 10 squats, 46mn aerobic, 11,141 steps

Taken yesterday as the Paris Marathon was running along the Right Bank of the Seine

Friday: one-hour stretching class, 15mn arms reinforcement, 10 reps knee muscle, 37 mn aerobic, 10,707 steps

Saturday: 10mn stretching, abs (4×10) (3×10),15mn arms reinforcement, 10 knee muscle reps, 35mn aerobic, LS-3miles, 10,958 steps

Sunday: 10mn stretching, 25mn aerobic, 11,000 steps


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One response to “Claude – a good exercise week

  1. Sara

    Hurrah for low cholesterol! And this is a fantastic week! I know you will log lots of steps in the museums in London, so enjoy the holiday! 🙂

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