Lynn–time flies by

I continued to deal with the sore toe this week. Finally went to the doctor–she didn’t think it was broken, just sprained, but it has limited my exercise a bit. However, it is getting better.

Monday 4/5–2 short walks–total of about 25 minutes

Tuesday 4/6–25 minute walk, moderate pace

Wed 4/7–Writing group after work–no exercise

Thursday 4/8–No aerobic exercise but did stretching/strength work for legs and back

Friday 4/9–no exercise

Saturday–2 mile walk–didn’t track time, moderate pace.

Sunday–short walk this morning–plan to go out again this afternoon.



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2 responses to “Lynn–time flies by

  1. The thing with toes, is that even if they are broken, there is not much you can do! It happened to my daughter when she was a kid and the doctor said that we just had to wait until it healed!
    Glad you were able to manage quite a bit of walking and exercising.

  2. Sara

    Glad your toe is improving! Keep up the good work. Terrific that you are able to work in the stretching/strengthening exercises too.

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