Lynn–yardwork, sore toe

This was an easier week in terms of after-work commitments, although work itself was stressful. However, Tuesday morning, as I was racing around trying to get ready for work, I banged my foot against a door jamb–nothing broken but a significant enough bruise to have me hobbling on Tuesday and wanting to back off of walking on Wednesday.

The weather has been very warm and sunny for the past few days so yard work beckons.

Saturday, 3/27–half hour walk

Sunday, 3/28–half hour walk

Monday–3/29–chorus rehearsal after work and lots of rain during the day–no exercise (except singing)

Tuesday–3/30–banged my toe–antsy after stressful day but no exercise

Wednesday 3/31–still no exercise as I babied my toe

Thursday 4/1–raking/cleaning garden beds for about an hour after work

Friday 4/2–brief time raking then out to dinner with friends

Saturday 4/3–yard work for about 1 hour–maybe a bit more, housework

Sunday 4/4–some yard work in late afternoon but mostly church and brunch



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4 responses to “Lynn–yardwork, sore toe

  1. Oh no! Your poor toe. There’s almost nothing as painful as that. Do baby it!
    And anyway, yardwork is quite strenuous exercise.
    Happy Easter

  2. Sara

    I’m wincing here as I read. Nasty – and just as you were getting moving with your walks – too bad!
    I am putting off my yardwork so far but it certainly is good exercise, especially for those bending and squatting movements that we tend to avoid…
    Hang in there, Lynn! How was your Easter singing?

    • lynnbechtel

      Sara–The choral group I sing with is a community choir so we haven’t done a concert yet–scheduled for later in the spring.

      On Easter, I went with a friend to a priory in Vermont–nice music and I got to sing as part of the congregation.

      Hope your Easter music went well.

  3. lilalia

    Hope your toe is better. Like the fact that you enter in housework as exercise. For it certainly is, and not half the fun a walk in fresh air is.

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