Claude – OK in spite of feet

I have been trying to work on my feet with my Feldenkrais instructor. But I guess it takes time. The insoles aren’t right, I have taken them out and am trying the Feldenkrais method. Far from perfection, but I have the feeling it’s slightly improving.
Anyway, I am hanging in there because I had a cholesterol blood test, and it has improved a lot since last year same period. I’m seeing my doctor this Wednesday. Will let you know what he says.
Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, (Abs 4X10 +4×10), 10 squats, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 10,149 steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, (Abs 4X10 +4×10), 37mn aerobic, 11,835 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, LS 4miles, 40mn aerobic, 15,485 steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 10 squats, (Abs 4X10 +2×10), LS Sansone 4miles, 16,265steps, 50mn aerobic

Between showers, a bit of blue sky

Friday: One-hour stretching class, 5,000 steps, 10 squats
Saturday:10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, (Abs 4X10 +2×10), 10 squats, 14170 steps, 23mn aerobic indoors biking
Sunday : 10mn stretching, 23mn aerobic, 7,000 steps



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4 responses to “Claude – OK in spite of feet

  1. Sara

    That is VERY blue sky! I hope it continues for a while. Great record, you – even with bothersome feet! So glad to hear your cholesterol test was good.
    IMHO, retraining of the feet is the way to go, whether with Feldenkrais, yoga or something else. I started my foot awareness with yoga standing poses in the early 80s & I think it has saved me much pain…plus awareness I had from Alexander technique. But Feldenkrais can probably be even more targeted to your needs. I’m so interested to see how this progresses! Photos of feet, before and after? Or is it something that can be seen?

  2. lilalia

    Are you in the fitness studio every day or do you do the weight lifting and aerobics in your apartment. You seem to be going full steam ahead even though the insoles didn’t work. I never realised that they wouldn’t. Mine have been a life saving as far as my walking goes. Yet, my husband’s turned out only to hurt more.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Isn’t it wonderful to see positive outcomes of exercise–good news on the cholesterol test.

    I’m curious about the Feldenkrais work that you’re doing–it’s movement training, right?

    Sorry the insoles didn’t work out. I live in fear that the man who makes my insoles will decide to retire.

  4. Sara

    Lynn – try googling Feldenkrais! It’s a very interesting approach to movement, related to Alexander but not the same. I had some sessions when I lived in Maryland, there were practitioners there, but none where I live now…

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