Lia – Full Steam Ahead

Don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten to post last week. Guess it was because I was out walking and taking photos. I decided to by myself a small camera, so that I can take it along with me on my early morning walk.

This photo was taken today, just as I was rounding a corner on the canal pathway. Luebeck is an island and there are quite a few different canals and rivers that meet here. I live near the cathedral you see in the background.

Week before last

Monday – Friday: 50-80 minutes of walking each day

Saturday: 20 minutes of walking

Sunday: spent indoors

Last week

Monday: 20 minutes of walking

Tuesday: 30 minutes of walking

Wednesday: 1 hour 15 minutes of walking

Thursday: 1 hour of walking

Friday: 20 minutes of walking

Saturday: 30 minutes of walking

Sunday: 50 minutes of walking

Spring has come to Luebeck and also to my body. It is so nice to be outdoors in non-threatening situation (hee!).



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3 responses to “Lia – Full Steam Ahead

  1. Good to hear that you are back into walking. Spring sure helps. Here too.
    I remember Luebeck as a lovely city. It must be quite pleasant to walk around when the ice and snow have gone. The small camera is such a good idea, an incentive to go place. Go, go, go, Lia!

  2. Sara

    Brava, Lia! I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of Luebeck! You’re really into the swing of spring!
    I am thinking of upgrading my camera…love taking photos on walks!

  3. lynnbechtel

    I love the idea of taking a camera along on walks–interesting to see a bit of Luebeck.

    Looks like a good couple of weeks of walking. Spring does make a difference 🙂

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