Sara – springing forward, taxes done…

Yes, we’re now DST & I do love it since I can get in my outdoor walks at day’s end.   There’s not much green but I did find a few jonquils poking their heads up in my flower beds!

old autumn leaves and new jonquil buds!

Unfortunately, a bout of pink-eye and the necessity of getting my taxes done interfered with exercise this week.

March 8-14 –

Mon. 6533 (2000 aerobic)

Tues. 8982 (6363 aerobic), plus 120 reps on cardioglide

Wed. 12159 (3894+ aerobic, +means more, but I kept stopping for photos), plus 120 reps cardioglide.

Thurs. 6895 (3242 aerobic)

Fri. 6984 (1827 aerobic) – quit keeping record of reps

Sat. 4180, 0 aerobic, I think I did 60 reps or thereabouts

Sun. 5059, 0 aerobic, ditto.  Uh, taxes really make me tired…

So better luck this week!  It was damp & drizzly today but we are supposed to have some sun the rest of the week and I just can’t wait!

Happy walking, all, but now I’m off to bed…



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5 responses to “Sara – springing forward, taxes done…

  1. Another great week! I am glad you are done with taxes, something I really hate!
    Great walking and isn’t it great that you started using the cardioglide again! I would have thought that cardioglide WAS quite aerobic, or maybe I don’t understand the concept yet!

  2. By the way, love the photo. Bringing some hope 😉

  3. lynnbechtel

    Well done on taxes–one of my least favorite jobs.
    Like Claude, I thought the cardioglide was aerobic–it’s like a cross country ski machine, right?

    Looks like a good week, especially considering not feeling great and being preoccupied.

    I, too, like the longer daylight.

  4. Sara

    Cardioglide would be aerobic if I could do it long enough! It works my arms pretty hard & I can’t usually do more than 2-3 minutes at a stretch. I probably should try to build up on it, but it’s also fairly boring so I don’t try very hard! 😉
    Not really like a cross-country ski machine – you sit on it and push with feet and pull with arms at the same time. Takes up less space than those ski things whose name I forget…
    Yes, getting taxes done was such a relief! 🙂

  5. lilalia

    Super step counts. Way to go!

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