Lynn–spring in my step

The first half of the week was springlike, which certainly boosted my energy. My goal was to walk for 30 minutes every day and I came close to meeting it.

Sunday 3/7–No walk but did yard work for about 1 hour (yes, it’s beginning to be yardwork season)

Monday 3/8–beautiful warm, sunny day and I didn’t work today–walked for about 1/2 hour, moderate pace, one hill–didn’t have my watch on and was on a route I don’t usually take, so I’m guessing about the time

Tuesday 3/9–total of 1/2 hour in 2 walks, noon and after work, both at brisk pace

Wednesday 3/10–15 – 20 minute walk at moderate pace

Thursday 3/11–brisk 30 minutes walk after work

Friday 3/12–moderate pace 30 minute walk after work

Saturday 3/13–probably won’t get a walk in (haven’t gone yet and it’s 1 p.m.) but am doing housework so getting some movement in my day

We’ve got some stormy weather moving in w/ heavy rain predicted for tomorrow so I’m not sure what I’ll do about exercise tomorrow. My goal for the coming week is to continue w/ 30 min exercise/day but I want to add weight training back in at least 2 days and so might spend less time on aerobic exercise those 2 days. Also, I’ve got afterwork activities 3 nights so that might affect what I actually do.



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2 responses to “Lynn–spring in my step

  1. Sara

    Hurrah for you, Lynn! You had a great week! We had lovely weather here too for most of the week, but yesterday it was grey and today it’s rainy – our rain is going your way, I think.
    I did a little yardwork myself & was happy to note that those squats I’ve been trying to do definitely made it easier to squat and neaten up my flower beds!
    Keep up the good work! Those hills are fantastic…

  2. Great week! Spring really helps, doesn’t it?
    Good to hear the weather has been better and that you’ve been able to stick to your goals.

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