Sara – incongruity

So why do I say incongruous?  Weeeeell, here’s a photo…

spring in snow

These people always have nice flowers and their spring garden banner got caught in the snow!  Which is still quite deep here in many places, although some earth is finally showing and temps have risen 10-20 degrees above freezing during the afternoon.  And it’s so great to see the sun!

I’ve had a very busy work week, but managed roughly 6000 more steps for 5 days out of 7.  Am trying to work in a cardioglide session right after I get up, since that’s good for the arms – but have only done that for 2 days, I fear.  Better luck this week…

March 1-7

Mon. 5915 (3018 aerobic),  Tues. 6417 (3009 aerobic), Wed. 6467 (1565 aerobic), Thurs. 3280 (slug), Fri. 8052 (1901 aerobic), Sat. 10213 (2194 aerobic), Sun. 2980 (slug).

Fri. and Sat. were outdoors days and I did a lot of stop and start since I was taking photos.

here is my house in a puddle

This coming week is spring break, so I have fewer rehearsals, but fun jobs like crunching the music budget for next year & getting my taxes done.  😦   However it should be good for walking & a general change of routine!  And weather promises to be nice!  I’m also looking forward to getting more LS videos, borrowed from my friend Roxanne who has been using them for years!

OK, off to get ready for townhouse association meeting tonight…ergh…happy walking!



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6 responses to “Sara – incongruity

  1. lynnbechtel

    Love the photos, Sara.

    Kudos on the increase in steps and I’ll think walking thoughts for you as you begin your break week (although I’m always amazed at how I can fill vacation days with things other than exercise).

    • Sara

      Lynn, thank you, I appreciate those thoughts, since my mental list of projects is already pretty long! I can (& often do) end up doing the same thing! 😉

  2. Great photos, Sara! Love your house in a puddle!
    And great steps too. Looks like spring is round the corner for you too!
    I find that I need a doing nothing day once in a while. It used to be once a week, and now it doesn’t happen that often. Although today is the day 😉
    I am curious, what is cardioglide?

    • Sara

      Claude, here is a link to a cardioglide machine at Wal-Mart.
      Mine is an old one I bought more than 10 years ago, used. Essentially you work against your own weight, pulling with arms & pushing with feet at the same time to create a sort of glide-y motion. I used to use mine a lot. Now that I’m not doing the gym, I’m thinking I will try to use it more regularly. It’s gotten easier as I have walked more, of course, & it’s convenient, right in my bedroom!

  3. lilalia

    6,000 steps for 5 of the days, a good healthy rate, wouldn’t you say? I know that originally, I had set 5,000 per day as being a good rate. Seems the Claude has managed through pure tenacity to keep us all moving forward.

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