Claude – sunny and chilly, a good week

This has been a good week. It’s been freezing cold, but sunny, which makes it much easier to get out and walk. The sports sessions in hospital, besides being free, which is a huge asset ;), are very informative with great people ready to help and incredibly good at teaching you what they know.
Last week, they suggested I start jogging a little, starting off with 5mn a week. So last Tuesday, I did jog (slowly for 5mn) and on Thursday, asked if I could do 5mn every day. I was told that “absolutely not”. It seems that my muscles could easily take it (my legs were a bit sore for the next two days, but OK really), but it seems that tendons and joints are much more fragile and take up to two to three weeks to get used to new regimen. So 5mn during the next three weeks it will be, as I certainly don’t want to end up with tendinitis!
They also suggested this contraption, which I bought and like for the reinforcement of ankles and balance. I try to stand on it a couple of minutes every day.

Week from March 1 to March 8

Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 10,496 steps,

Tuesday: one-hour stretching class, 13,480 steps, 5mn jogging, 41mn aerobic walking,

Wednesday: 15mn stretching, arms reinforcement, 32 mn aerobic walking, 3-mile LS, 12,205 steps

Thursday: 15,512 steps, 50mn aerobic walking (including 30mn on hospital elliptic, 10 mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement

Friday: one-hour stretching class, 30mn aerobic walking, 9,473 steps, LS 3-mile

Saturday: 5mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 8,631 steps, 28mn aerobic, LS 3-mile

Sunday: 10mn stretching, 10,233 steps, 50mn aerobic walking



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4 responses to “Claude – sunny and chilly, a good week

  1. Sara

    Formidable! J’aime bien ton nouveau jouet! Now I switch to English…it reminds me of the balancing exercises I used to do in yoga. That yoga awareness is often there when I do LS – if I lose it, I sometimes feel knee twinges.
    And NO sluggy days! Rah rah! Yes, the sun certainly helps. It is shining here! 🙂

  2. lynnbechtel

    Wow–you are trying so many new things! It seems like your trainer–or is it a team of trainers–are a real asset. And how are you feeling as a result of the increases in exercise?

    • I am feeling wonderful. Much more energetic, I must say. But don’t forget, as I said before, I have plenty of time to do all that and no work. and that definitely helps. Incidentally, I do the arm reinforcement in bed, while listening to the radio. 😉

  3. lilalia

    Very much wow! You must be so pleased to have packed all that exercise into one week. Way to go.

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