Lynn–this is more like it

Ahh, the weather has improved and with that has come a lift in mood and energy. Some sun, longer daylight, some blue sky, some milder temperatures during the day although still chill at night. It’s been a busy week–and this busy pace will continue through the month with numerous after work events but I want to keep moving each day. Here are the results for the past week (beginning with Tuesday since I last posted on Monday)–not as good as I’d like but better than my wintertime results:

Tuesday– 15 – 20 minute walk during the day, needed to do errand after work so didn’t get home until after dark

Wednesday–writing group after work, 15-20 minute walk during the day

Thursday–40 minute walk after work (chilly, overcast afternoon but I love the longer daylight!)

Friday/Saturday–out of town for work, managed a short walk on Friday–not sure how long–but spent Saturday at a conference and then in the car for over 2 hours

Sunday (today)–just got back from breakfast with friends–beautiful day–plan to walk this afternoon.

My goal from this point forward is to walk at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week, even if it’s split into 2 walks–this will be easier with milder weather and longer days. Also need to get on track w/ stretch/strength work.



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5 responses to “Lynn–this is more like it

  1. Spring seems to be round the corner 😉
    It’s good to see you sound optimistic and that the walking went well this week.
    I always feel guilty with you girls as I can spend a lot of time walking and exercising since I am retired. I’m sure I’d find it much more difficult if I still had to go to work.
    So kudos to you on regular walking even though you had such a busy week!

    • lynnbechtel

      Yes, working can certainly get in the way of life 🙂 In addition to regular exercise, I’d like to be practicing the piano every day, meditating, and writing regularly. Ah, well…some day I’ll retire.

  2. Sara

    Excellent, Lynn! Thank goodness we can feel winter walking toward the door…
    I like your goal-setting – am going to try to do at least 20 min. aerobic each day – but it seems that right now I need at least one slug day for my mental health.
    Don’t feel guilty, Claude, you are fortunate to be able to walk a lot but it gives us a vision of our future too! And I for one am always inspired. 🙂

    • lynnbechtel

      I agree that slug days are important–I try to take a day each week (not always possible) when I don’t do any “have-tos” and the “have-tos” sometimes include exercise (although it does feel good to go for a walk on a nice day).

  3. lilalia

    Lynn, 30 minutes a day does seem doable, if you break it up into two shorter walks. Yet, I can sympathise with you for being overwhelmed by working life. At the moment I am at home looking for employment, so my long walks in the morning are just a way of lifting my spirits and focusing my attention on all the (unpaid) work that is waiting for me at home.

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