Happy birthday, ElderExercise!


Happy birthday, ElderExercise

This is ElderExercise’s birthday! The first post ever was on February 29th. Naomi, who moved west to greener pastures got the idea that February 2008, and people have come and gone, I am still around, and hopefully we are all here for a long time.
Looking at my Google Calendar, I realized that I have been keeping track of my exercise for a longer time. I started writing what I did on December 2007, recording my steps and later other forms of exercise. I find that it helps me keeping focused. Don’t you?



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3 responses to “Happy birthday, ElderExercise!

  1. lilalia

    Happy Birthday ElderExercise as well! Wow, you’ve been keeping records of your exercise for three years. That shows a lot of discipline. Thank you Claude, in particular, and all the other ladies for being such stalwart buddies.

  2. Sara

    Happy Birthday, Elder Exercise! I wasn’t sure I could keep records at first, but Claude convinced me, once we met! And I do find that it keeps me focused and helps me with discipline. It is wonderful to have such great online friends – I have not given up on meeting all you ladies one of these days! Thanks to you all.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Happy birthday! I’m so glad I found my way to this site and got a chance to meet you all. Here’s to another year of exercise for us all.

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