Claude – Aerobic week

Quite a satisfactory week even though we are still having boring and grey weather.
Again, I went to hospital and exercised on their elliptic bike (28mn in aerobic zone). They explained that the magic number that I mentioned last week was in fact the result of tests done on the guys running for the Tour de France to find out what was their most effective heart rate. It seems that above that magic number, the body will use sugars, and that is quite useful for sprinting, but it is endurance that burns fat and that’s what I’m after.

Also at one point, they mentioned tri-glycerides (hope that’s what they are called in English too) and I said that I had cholesterol but didn’t have those and was quite surprised to learn that what I didn’t have was excess tri-glycerides that would appear in my blood test, but that the darn things were ‘parked’ around my waist and in my belly! Again, those are what I am after!
So in fact, when I say 26mn aerobic walking for example, it just means 26mn inzone, (between 120 and 130), I might have done quite a bit above the inzone, thus burning sugar instead of fat!
Another question I asked was: was it OK to count 10mn + 15mn inzone as 25mn. And the answer is yes! As long as segments are at least 10mn, no problem. But nothing below 10mn.

Week from February 15 to February 21

Monday: 10mn stretching, 26mn aerobic walking, 9,540 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class

Most days have been grey, misty and chilly this week

Tuesday: one-hour stretching class, 8,500 steps

Wednesday: LS 2-miles, 21mn aerobic inzone, 15mn stretching, 13,115 steps

Thursday: 10mn stretching, 13,650 steps, 50mn aerobic, 20mn arms strength

Friday: one-hour stretching class

Saturday: 15mn stretching, LS-3miles 30mn aerobic, 12,022steps

Sunday: 10mn stretching, 14,340 steps (3-miles LS), 29mn aerobic



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3 responses to “Claude – Aerobic week

  1. Sara

    OK, now comments feature is enabled! But I left my comments already. Yes, very grateful for LS with this snow still so deep. I will try to notice whether my mouth is open or not the next time I do LS…hmmmmm…

  2. lilalia

    Spectacular amount of steps. You really do lead us on towards better, more solid, exercise. Thank you.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Stellar week, Claude! Nice mix of aerobic, stretching, and strength building. Thank you for the information on fat burning and pulse rate.

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