Lynn–beginning to feel spring in the air

Despite a snowy/sleety forecast for the coming week, it’s beginning to feel more like spring around here–birds singing their spring song, a few brave crocuses poking up, the little snow we had is almost gone.

Here’s this week’s tally:

Monday 2/15–30 minute walk outside

Thursday 2/18–15 minute walk plus strength/stretch mat work for about 15 – 20 minutes

Friday 2/19–left work early intending to walk but ended up falling asleep on the couch–oh well, since I rarely sleep during the day, I take that to mean I needed the sleep.

Saturday 2/20–15 minute walk (sciatica acting up)

Sunday 2/21–30 minutes brisk walk outside



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3 responses to “Lynn–beginning to feel spring in the air

  1. lilalia

    Our winter continues relentlessly. Just hope your forecast turns out milder in reality. Sorry to hear about your sciatica acting up. A good number of walks though.

  2. Like Lia, sorry to hear about the sciatica 😦
    About the rest on the couch, better to get some rest when you need it! And great job with the walks!

  3. Sara

    Sciatica 😦 but you walked anyway! Hurrah! Nice to hear about those brave crocuses too…
    Good job, Lynn, keep trucking! 🙂

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