Sara will never complain about boring again…

Hello.  Silly me.  Life is NOT boring, I have a roof leak in what you would call my “great room” which combines dining and living room.  Right in front of the TV.  Not over the TV, thank goodness!  I could have done without this particular variety of liveliness.  The roofer arrives in 15 minutes or so to clean off the snow on the offending roof, that is really all they can do now.  It leaks when it warms up and stops when it’s colder – right now it is 15 deg. F. so no leaking.  Ha!

Plus I was attacked by a cold during the night, while I slept.  Not even safe in your own bed, a cold can just pounce on you whenever it feels like it…

Oh well, it’s all normal for the beginning of Lent, when things always get crazy.  Lovely to see Claude’s Valentine lollipops!  Maybe I will go out and buy something sweetly sinful and eat the whole thing on Fat Tuesday.  Tomorrow!

Anyway, on to the walking…Feb. 8 thru 14…

Mon. the 8th – 8750 (3319 aerobic)

Tues. 7193 (3349 aerobic)

Wed. 4969 (3212 aerobic)

Thurs. 6644 (1395 aerobic)

Fri. 5498 (3121 aerobic)

Sat. 6290 (1786 aerobic)

Sun. 5429 (1579 aerobic)

The lower aerobic counts are for 1 mile of LS, the higher for 2 miles.  Although one of her miles does not equal a mile on my Omron, don’t know why that is so…usually totals about 1000-1200 steps depending on how energetic I have been.  I often add some just plain walking around if I have only done 1 LS mile…feeling guilty about that, of course!  😉

I am pleased with the regularity of this but not happy that I have not been able to get out to walk.  Still beaucoup de snow, plus beaucoup de travail…all my photos have been from indoors out.

I will spare you the delights of a photograph of my leak, and simply add that oddly enough on Valentine’s Day my mileage total was 2.14.  So the Omron gods wished me a happy Valentine!

Well – keep walking – slower – faster – whatever – it IS too bad you have to wear that nasty heart monitor, Claude!

See you all next week!  xo  Sara



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4 responses to “Sara will never complain about boring again…

  1. lynnbechtel

    Hi Sara–What a frustrating week w/ leaks and snow! But the exercise looks consistent–sounds like you’ve got a good habit established.

    Interesting about the mileage–I’ve wondered how accurate the LS mileage count was. But even if a LS “mile” isn’t really a mile, it IS 15 minutes of getting your heart rate increased and moving your body.

  2. Leaks ewww! Awful! Wrong time for a leak too.
    About LS mileage, it’s more exercise time than miles and that is good, because it’s constant.
    I find that time is more accurate than distance whether on pedometers or anything else. Anyway, don’t mind the miles, as Lynn said, mind the “15 minutes of getting your heart rate increased and moving your body”.

  3. And forgot to say, considering cold and leaks, it’s quite a fantastic week!

  4. lilalia

    I agree with the others about how awful a leaking roof can be. Take good care and all the best with the walking. You did well.

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